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Why the cards matter least – Poker Stategy part 2

Thursday, November 6th, 2008 | Poker Strategy | 2 Comments

Submitted by McTap, this article is a part of the Poker Strategy series. In the last poker article I discussed the blinds and your chips stack in relationship to those blinds. In this article I will discuss the size of everybody's chips in relation to the blinds. By the time it is your turn to act, you need to have a good understanding of which of the players around you have a large stack and which have a small stack. There is 1 exception to this, and that would be the first hand of the tournament/SNG, Read more [...]


Caribbean Poker Classic 2008; preliminary itinerary

Monday, November 3rd, 2008 | Caribbean Poker Classic 2008 | No Comments

This article is a part of the Caribbean Poker Classic 2008 series. Follow the link to read more about how I got to go on the trip in the first place. I have made a preliminary itinerary for our Caribbean Poker Classic 2008 adventure. Needless to say I like to plan ahead:-) Thursday November 13th • Departure Copenhagen 07:05 • Arrival Miami 14:40 Friday November 14th • Trip to The Everglades Saturday November 15th • Drive to Key West and the other Keys • 20:00 Read more [...]


Poker Freeroll; “WOSB Free” at Goldwin

Monday, November 3rd, 2008 | Poker Freeroll | No Comments

Freeroll tonight at Goldwin at 20:00 CET. You can find the tourney in: Poker Lobby -> Tournaments -> Special. The name of the tourney is “WOSB Free”. The prize pool is EUR 100. To join you only have to post a reply this thread on the PokerBRB Forum, easy!! If you are new to Goldwin Poker make sure that you claim your 100% sign up bonus (max €300). If you have any questions please feel free to post them here or add us to your messenger. Enjoy!! Read more [...]


Poker probabilities; all you need to know

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 | Poker Articles, Poker Mathematics | 5 Comments

This article is a part of the Poker Mathematics series. This article is number 2 in a series of 3 articles covering the (in my opinion) most important mathematical aspects of poker: Calculating pot odds: see Poker pot odds; all you need to know Calculating poker probabilities: see Poker probabilities; all you need to know Calculating expected value: see +EV poker; making the winning plays Calculating exact poker probabilities for each hand you play can be a complex mathematical operation Read more [...]

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