The Single Best Tip for Poker Improvement

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Jeffrey | Poker Strategy

Whilst luck does play a role in the hand received during a game of Poker, a good player has a chance to win with even the worst cards dealt as poker is ultimately a game of skill. Whilst understanding how to deal with players across the table – there are more opportunities that ever to take part in games of poker as you can click here for some more sites that offer it, but when looking to improve there’s one tip that shouldn’t be overlooked that can yield some of the best results, but is very often overlooked.

The not-so-secret strategy used by most of the best players in the world – take notes of the game.

It’s often surprising how many budding Poker players there are out there who don’t record their game in any aspect, but taking notes is certainly the most preferred way. Recording games where possible is another option, but a written reference is the quickest way to understand what has
happened through every hand during the game, how other players have reacted, how other players have played their hand, and most importantly what you as an individual did in that moment too.

It’s very easy to lose track during the course of the game, and as such it’s difficult to learn from any mistakes that may be made throughout without a record of it happening, our memory isn’t always as accurate as we’d like it to be, so a written record is important. The same is also true on the opposite of the coin, with no record of which plays were handled particularly well could lead to them being forgotten about and having a record of this is a great way to reflect on parts of the game that went very well too.

Professional players often give this as a tip to newcomers, but developing the skill of knowing when to take notes and how to effectively take notes is a skill in Poker within itself and there’s no easy way to teach this – get into the habit of doing so early on and it can dramatically impact the game – if possible, it’s often a good idea to record the game for visual feedback too but may not always be allowed at the table, it can help identify smaller player habits when looking back, and help to analyze your own game to see where you may be showing tells in situations that may not immediately be apparent.

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