The importance of imagery for online casinos

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Jeffrey | Poker Strategy

Just like the setting of a physical casino is very important, the setting of an online casino is also very important. Gamblers will not return to a site that they find visually unappealing but are more likely to return to a pleasant site.

In this list, we will go through why imagery is so important for online casinos, and in what ways it affects their business and customers.

Subconscious effects
The human brain is a very complicated organ, and a large part of how it works is completely unknown. This is especially true for the subconscious parts of our brain, that influence our decisions and thoughts without us ever even knowing.

Imagery is an area where the subconscious has a bigger impact. For example, as seen with the list of sites at CasinoPick, different colours will affect out mood: blue is likely to be associated with feelings calmness and freedom in our brains whilst red is associated with love, courage and passion.

With this information in mind, it is very important what the casino sites are displaying, even down to the colour of the site. It needs to fit in with the company’s vision for the betting site and can lose or gain customers in seconds.

Setting the scene
Online imagery is also paramount to setting the scene and the mood. Online casinos do not all aim for the same mood as each site would be a carbon copy of the other. They instead try to stand out by creating a mood that applies to their style of casino as well as their offers and promotions.

For example, a casino that offers an extensive VIP program that is seeking to attract high rollers will fully aim to create an elegant and expensive feel to their online casino. This will be achieved with specific imagery, avoiding tacky images. There will be less to look at but it will all be a lot sleeker and silkier.

On the other hand, an online casino that is trying to attract a larger volume of customers who will be willing to spend money on the slots, then it is not important to create an expensive feel, but it is important to foster a fun feel. Here, tackiness will be far more accepted, there will be bright lights and things to look at constantly, being as visually engaging as possible.

Setting a particular mood is important for the online casinos, especially when it is targeted at a specific audience. However, what is the most important for any online casino is to create an exciting atmosphere.

In person, the excitement in a casino is often palpable because you are sharing it with other real people. Online this effect can not be created as easily as there is no interaction with other physical people. Instead, the online casinos need to make this effect themselves and they do so through design, music and imagery.

Exciting imagery is a very vague term, and it applies differently for each casino. Often, the exciting imagery comes from the games themselves, and these are even sometimes animated which makes them a lot more enticing from a scientific standpoint. Slots are rather easy to make exciting as they are inherently one of the most exciting forms of gambling if you enjoy them.

Games like video poker, which can have very low stakes, as low as 2p, are less inherently exciting and so need to be made more exciting through imagery. Some sites offer you modern or retro looks so that you feel more at home, especially in card games.

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