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Why players struggle at no limit cash games – part 1

Saturday, November 26th, 2011 | Poker Cash Games, Poker Strategy | No Comments

Many people ask me as a full time player/writer and coach what the toughest aspect is about playing no limit hold’em? It is in actual fact the potential to put your stack at risk in any one individual hand and while everyone knows this, what they may not be aware of are the mechanics of just why this is the case. This will be the first part of a three part series explaining just why no limit hold’em cash games are just too tough to crack for many players. Firstly you have the capacity to play Read more [...]

Upcoming poker weekend

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 | Poker and Life, Poker Tournament | 2 Comments

I'm sitting here - bored as hell - playing the PokerStars daily 50k$ guaranteed tournament and suddenly realized that it's been ages since I wrote a post on my blog. Since I'm not getting any playable cards what so ever, I thought I might as well fill in whoever reads this blog what I've been up to lately. The main take home message is that I'm busy. About 2-3 months ago I enrolled in an MBA program to get one step closer to a big-money job as director of some insanely - GOD DAMN IT just busted Read more [...]

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