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Your guide to choosing the right slot and playing safe

Sunday, February 25th, 2018 | Poker Strategy | No Comments

You have browsed many casino and slot sites, it all looks flashy and fun with big jackpots enticing you and you are ready to sign up. But with over 500 slot games at major casinos like BGO, you probably need to ensure you joining the right casino that suits your play and more importantly, one that is safe for you. Try out MegaReel to find the latest online slot games. Casino safety is a priority, just joining any casino could be detrimental to you. You don’t know where your funds are deposited Read more [...]

Home vs. Online vs. Casino: Where to Play Poker

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018 | Poker Strategy | No Comments

For some of us, nothing beats the feeling of cards on the felt as we sit surrounded by people in a busy casino. For others, poker is more enjoyable with friends and some food, and then there are others again, who prefer the quiet life of the online poker player. But which is the best and the most likely to bring in the cash? Let’s start off with the home game. Playing with friends around the kitchen table (or better still, a poker table) is a lot of fun. There’s the camaraderie of friends Read more [...]

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