Bankroll Skyrocket – $10 to $2000 in 24hours

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Bankroll Skyrocket - $10 to $2000 in 24hours

Let me tell you a Story of Luck and a little Skill

I’ve always been a believer and attempter of bankroll management. My difficulty seems to be that bankroll management and TILT are often not well mixed, like prescription meds and alcohol. I will later discuss my bankroll beliefs but for now to tell you about my intense bankroll building that I accomplished on Friday August 22.

I had recently cashed out my bankroll on Full Tilt after a rocky month, but a nice profit. I had been playing some cash games on another site but was itchy to return to Full Tilt for some tournament play after watching a good friend of mine place second in a $26 token KO taking down over $2000. It was early Friday morning when this tournament ended. This friend had owed me $10 from a week before and he transferred it to my account. I seem to be nocturnal these days so I decided to play a little poker. I played a $5 tournament and took first place, boosting my bankroll to $170. Being that the sun was up when that tournament ended, I slept through the majority of Friday. I dabbled around Friday night after I woke up and ended up playing two tournaments, an Omaha token tourney and Full Tilt’s $10 Midnight Madness. I busted out of the Omaha early but after a rocky start in the madness, seemed to be sticking around. I wasn’t hitting cards but was building a stack slowly, holding about half of the average throughout most of the tournament.

It wasn’t until the bubble burst that cards and luck seemed graced me. I won some races and had my Kings and jacks hold up to make the final two tables with an average chip stack. I had to endure a marathon before I busted the tenth place player and the final table was set. This was a memorable hand as I was dealt pocket aces in late position and finally busted the final table bubble. I put in a minimum raise with my aces to trick the loose aggressive players on me left. Both blinds called and the flop came low and paired. The blinds checked and I put in a standard continuation bet of about half the pot. The small blind instantly pushed in his average sized stack. I called and he showed K10 off suit, drawing almost dead. I knocked him out and the final table was set, with myself holding a nice chip lead over the field, about 500K of the 2.5 million chips in play. Sitting in this position I now felt that this was my tournament to lose.

Final table Brian

Screenshot from the final table

End result





This feeling was inspiring as well as scary. Being that first and ninth was a $3000 difference I played conservative at the starting of the final table. I experienced one suckout to double up an opponent and faded my way to four handed play. I was still holding my 500K stack and a dominate chip leader had emerged. The difference between fourth and first was over $2000 so I didn’t want to risk playing against the chip leader before knocking out the short stacks. The leader was amazingly loose and proceeded to suckout out to get us heads up. I played heads up well but could not seem to get ahead of my opponent. I made a nice bluff, betting the turn and the river on an ace high board but lost almost half my stack when my opponent called with king high. At this point I still had about 300K to my opponents over 2.0 millions chips. The last hand was my A4 suited all in pre-flop against my opponent’s pockets fives. I lost this hand and took the juicy second place prize of just under $2000.

This tournament was only $10 to enter but offered a high payout due to the over 1700 people that entered. In 24 hours I had turned my bankroll from $10 to over $2000. This was not done by following any set bankroll management. I only practice bankroll management if I have a big bankroll that I want to protect. I see no point in trying to build and protect $10 to $50. I cannot play well at micro limits and by risking small deposits give myself a chance to build a big bankroll to start managing. I now have over $2000 in my account which I am protecting. I never put more than %5 of my bankroll at risk in wither a cash game or a tournament. This way I can safely handle bad beats and runs of bad luck to push my bankroll higher. Don’t worry about using any math equation to figure out how to manage your bankroll. To be a good manager, just play what you like but make sure not to risk enough of your bankroll to take a hit to your poker funds. If you play limits where you feel comfortable losing, you will be more relaxed and play better, helping build your roll higher and higher.


Send my any question you have about bankroll management or tournament play and I will be glad to answer them or add them to my next post.

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Remember AK vs. QQ isn’t a coin flip

- Brian Suta

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2 Comments to Bankroll Skyrocket – $10 to $2000 in 24hours

August 24, 2008

Great post Brian. I myself won a tournament with 6000 participants some months ago and it was a great feeling

International Seo Services
September 15, 2008

Wonderful Blog! Very useful information and thanks for providing this information.

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