Blackjack Split Strategy Explained

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The Online blackjack in online casinos has now got a strategy. Micro gaming and other major software developers have added a strategy function into it. With this players can play the game in auto play mode too and not to bother about a strategy card.

However, even though the feature has been made available, but many gamers are still unaware of the blackjack strategy. It is important to know those as without learning the strategy you may lose heavily in a land casino.

In this article the split move in blackjack has been explained. It is important to know how the split strategy works in online casino game.

If the first two cards dealt are of equal rank, the split move comes in action. If you split a hand here, you need to place another bet that need to be of equal amount to the original. Now, the two formed hands can be played independently.

The logic behind splitting a hand is to convert weaker hand into two strong hands.

If believed to the simple blackjack split strategy, eights and aces should always be split. It also says not to split fours, fives and tens, but other parts can be split provided the up card of the dealer is eight or higher.

Now, if the player is being dealt two eights then his hand value is 16, which is not a good value as dealer may get a higher value. It is also not a good value to hit as you may draw a six or higher and go bust.

It is advised to draw a ten value card in each of the hands after splitting. So, the value turns to 18 and this is a better position compared to one hand of 16.

It is also suggested not to split pairs if the up card of the dealer is eight or higher.

The tips may seem attractive but it is also cautioned following the strategy you may not win. However, in the long run you will surely win more than losing. So, do share your views too with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.

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