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Jeffrey | Poker Strategy

Online poker is like sex: everyone thinks they are wonderful at it, but that is not always the case. If, however, you are in search of a quick primer on how to get your poker play off the ground, you have come to the right place. We have some general poker strategy and advice available for you, along with simple but very effective tricks and tips that will be useful to both novice and seasoned players.

The Basics of Online Poker

It simply won’t work if you dive in head-first, and you need to get your head around the basics of online poker play before you can get to work devising a strategy. Use one of the no deposit casino bonus Canada casinos have to offer to play some games risk-free if you are unsure of where you stand, and make sure nothing catches you unawares when you are enjoying a real money game.

You will need to know about the rankings of hands, the rules that govern the game overall, and which of the many poker game variants you are interested in playing.

Tips and Tactics for Better Online Poker Play

There can be said to be three essential pillars when it comes to online poker strategy, and you can use these in almost any poker game in order to boost your play over that of your hapless opponents.

1. Play a tight game. Be prepared to fold the majority of hands dealt you, and remain selective with those you choose to bet on.
2. Play aggressively. Betting and raising is a better option than checking and calling.
3. Play in position. The fewer players acting after you do, the better your advantage will be.

Some Poker Strategy Points to Ponder

Results aren’t everything

The best, and worst, part of online poker is that you can play a truly terrible game and still win. Sometimes, an underdog comes out on top, and sometimes you can play your best game ever and lose big. Luck is fickle like that, and makes up for a large part of why poker games go the way they do -it’s not all about skill. Therefore it is vital that you separate your results from your play. Win or lose, you should be focussed on making good decisions, and knowing that the cash will eventually start streaming in if you keep making them.

Losing your cool is a terrible strategy

It can be very easy to get agitated when you lose even though your hand is great, or a terrible player manages to luck out and take the pot. This is all a part of the game, and you need to keep your wits about you at all points of play, accepting defeat as graciously as you embrace your wins.

Going Beyond the Basics

They say that poker takes hours to learn and a lifetime to master, so you can be sure there are many different techniques and tactics for you to experiment with. Besides knowing which hands you should be playing and when, a host of strategic decisions will be required from you. You need to familiarise yourself with betting patterns, ranges of hands, and, as the song puts it, knowing when to Hold’em and when to Fold’em. Keep having fun, above all, it is a great game, and you can now play it anywhere, anytime, as often as you like!

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