Caribbean Poker Classic 2008

A very good friend of mine called me some weeks ago with a crazy story. We are talking about the same friend who visited me for a weekend of poker.
Apparently he had played a satellite to a 320$ buyin tournament at Interpoker where top 5 win a cruise to the Caribbean for the Caribbean Poker Classic 2008.

He actually won the satellite and was doing well in the main tourney up until the bubble was about to burst (11 people remaining). At this point he went all in with A4 and got called by AK. The flop was K66 so the hopes of joining the Caribbean Poker Classic 2008 were basically gone.

However by some miracle both the turn and river were 4’s, so he won the hand!!!! For those of you interested in poker probabilities, the probability of winning the hand with A4 is 0,3%
Among many of the great hands on the final table was winning with JJ against JJ and especially the last hand where he won with 78 against K10 (the same player who had AK before) on a 10 8 6 turn 9 river 3……the Caribbean cruise was a reality.

Now comes the good part….the package also included a friend which turned out to be me!!! The Caribbean Poker Classic 2008 cruise will take place from November 16th and I’m exited as hell. I plan to keep you updated with diary like updates from Miami, the on board tournaments and the tropical islands.

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Wish me luck!

Mark, November 2008

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