Controlling Your Bankroll in Blackjack

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Blackjack is one of the most popular games in any casino, however, although lots of gamblers are keen to try their hands at this classic game, they often overlook one of the most important elements. While anyone playing Blackjack in a casino for the first time will no doubt have spent time researching the strategy and rules of the game, they frequently forget to pay attention to the vital aspect of bankroll management. According to expert authorities on the subject, such as, bankroll management should be a strong focus for anyone who is interested in maximising their winnings. Learning this art will not only determine how long you’re able to stay in the game but will also determine how much you could potentially win. For anyone who manages their bankroll poorly, the time spent on learning the strategies and rules of the game will have been completely pointless.

What Is A Bankroll?
The term “Bankroll” is used to refer to the amount of money taken to a casino by a gambler. Those who have the right approach to gambling will have designated a set sum of money which they are prepared to spend while gambling and then they will stop. However, those who have the wrong approach will fail to set themselves a dedicated amount. This is where the problems lie.

How to Choose the Size of Bankroll
When trying to work out how large a bankroll to take to the casino, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Firstly, you need to decide how much you are able to afford to spend on gambling whether you lose or win. You need to ensure that the amount you choose will not have a significantly negative impact on your life. You should never gamble without designating a bankroll. Otherwise, you could find that you end up spending a lot more than you intended and the result could be financially devastating if you lose.

A quick guide to calculating your bankroll is as follows:
You can determine how large your bankroll should be by first selecting the blackjack game you wish to play and noting its table limit. You should, in general, aim to always buy-in with 50 times the table’s minimum bet. This means you’ll need a bankroll that can accommodate this. So, for quick reference, if the table’s minimum bet comes in at $10, $500 is the amount you should aim to buy-in with.

How Much to Bet

Once you’ve calculated your bankroll, the next step is to decide how much you should bet on one hand. This is determined by a number of factors including:
• How bad or good each hand is
• The amount you’re able to afford to bet at once
• The amount you could potentially lose or win
The overall take-home from this is that you should never bet more than you’re comfortable with losing.

Five Top Tips for Money Management in Blackjack
With all of the above in mind, here are five expert tips to help you maximize your bankroll and manage it to the best effect.
1. Play at the right casino for you. Each casino comes with its own different gambling experience, and there are lots of options available online. Not all online casinos are created equal so choose carefully. Make sure your casino of choice is regulated and licensed and has a good playing environment.
2. Understand your chosen game. If you’re playing Blackjack, you need to be thoroughly familiar with it. Otherwise, you’ll go broke very quickly. Blackjack seems simple, but if you don’t have a clear understanding of the rules and strategies paired with your money management skills, you’ll not win the jackpot.
3. Place your bets wisely. Take the time to research the best bets to place and know when doubling your bet is a good idea.
4. If there’s a bonus take advantage of it but know the wagering requirements in advance. Before you sign up to any online casino, it’s important to take a close look not only at the available promotions but also the wagering requirements. You need to work out whether the deal on the table is worth it when compared to the wagering requirement.

Putting It All Together
If you are to be successful at the Blackjack table, you need to bear everything we have told you here in mind. Without the proper bankroll management strategy, you’ll never make a profit in the long run, and you could end up with some serious financial losses.
However, money management on its own isn’t enough to excel at Blackjack. You also need to have an inside and out understanding of the game, its rules and its strategies, and you need to know how to place your bets to maximize your profits. Put all of this together, and you’ll find that your bankroll grows over time.

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