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Mark | Sports and Fantasy betting

Tomorrow I will be playing in the Draftbug blogger MLB fantasy betting freeroll. My aim is not to finish in last place as I did last time I played in a Draftbug invitational event.

I will be checking out either Yahoo (Yahoo|Sports|MLB|Players) or Hardball Times for player stats and try to understand player positions before I make my picks.

For those who aren’t familiar with Draftbug contests, the concept is simple – fantasy baseball contests lasting just one day.  Each participant picks a team of players within a salary cap, and wins (or loses) based on the performance of their players in that night’s games.  Cash contests range from $1 up to $55, and a daily freeroll (with no entry fee and small cash prizes) is offered every day.

The format allows players to obsess over all the same details as in full season salary cap games (park, opponent, lefty/right match ups, home/away splits, weather, injuries, etc.), while not imposing any future time commitments on participants beyond the current day’s contests.

I will be competing against 11 other bloggers, some of which are very much into fantasy betting and MLB. Beating any of them will be a great victory for a noob like me.

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