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This article belongs to the Poker Bankroll Building series.

There are a lot of free poker bankroll offers available online these days, so I thought I would sign up to a few of them and write some reviews. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to decide whether you want to spend time signing up or not. My first review will deal with

The PokerRoomSchool concept

The aim of PokerRoomSchool is  to teach online poker beginners how to build and maintain a poker bankroll. PokerRoomSchool provides a free poker bankroll of 50$ at CD Poker, an additional 100$ released in 10$ increments for every 1200 CD Poker points you earn and a number of articles and tutorial videos that will improve your game. When you sign up, the first thing you have to do is take a multiple choice test that will determine whether you have the necessary skills to receive the 50$. You can take the test as many times you want and there is a whole section of articles that will help you pass.

One word of advice about the quiz: keep your mindset at poker level 1 and you will be fine. There are a couple of questions where higher level thinking could make you choose the wrong answer. Here’s an example:

You should check-raise if you believe:

  1. Your opponent has a better hand than you
  2. You will have the best hand most of the time you are called
  3. You can out-bluff your opponent
  4. Someone if trying to bluff you

Depending on your level of thinking, your read on your opponent and the texture of the game 3 of these possibilities could be the right choice. I would like to think that my higher level of thinking is what cost me 4 out of 20 correct answers:-).

Is there a catch? Not really. It’s no secret that PokerRoomSchool is an affiliate site for CD Poker which mean that they earn a commission when you sign up and start playing at CD Poker. However this does not mean you are getting a worse deal. Sure you could sign up directly to CD Poker and get a 100% bonus up to 300$ which is released at the same rate as the PokerRoomSchool extra 100$, but if you had 300$ you wouldn’t be reading this review of a free bankroll offer right?:-)

Signup procedure

  • Register your details at PokerRoomSchool
  • PokerRoomSchool will send you an activation email
  • Activate your account and take the quiz straight away.
  • If you pass the quiz you will be directed to a page with a link to the CD poker software download.
  • Download the software  and you will receive an email with your log-on details for CD Poker.
  • If you don’t pass the test (you need more than 70% correct answers to pass, I got 80% or 16 out of 20) read the getting started section on the PokerRoomSchool website, and try again.
  • You need to complete a verification call from a member of the PokerRoomSchool support team before you receive the 50$. You will automatically recieve the call within 72 hours, but you can speed up the process by logging in to the CD Poker client and requesting a verification call through the online support.
  • During the verification call you will be asked to verify the address and email you registered at PokerRoomSchool when signing up as well as your date of birth.
  • Once verified you again contact the online CD Poker support to request free 50$ poker bankroll.
  • I signed up following the procedure above and received my 50$ bonus within 2 days of signing up. I also won my first 2$ DoN SNG, so  I’m very positive about the whole experience:-)

Motivational factors for continued play

  • 1000$ weekly freeroll for those players who earn 300 CD poker points during the week
  • PokerRoomSchool leaderboard (rake race in disguise). You earn 1 PokerRoomSchool point for every 1$ you produce in rake at CD Poker. There are guaranteed cash prizes for accumulating specific amounts of PokerRoomSchool points. In addition the top 200 on the PokerRoomSchool leaderboard share 10000$ each week.
  • Access to more advanced poker lessons. This is a fun feature of the PokerRoomSchool website. You start at the beginners level and can advance to intermediate and advanced levels by accumulating CD Poker points. Higher levels grant you access to poker articles that are otherwise locked. Good thing all the articles you will ever need will be collected on the PokerBankroll blog. Still it gives an incentive to keep playing.

Additional features of the PokerRoomSchool website

  • Tutorial videos
  • Forum
  • Coaching section
  • Poker Articles…the “50$ journey” article is especially good


  • You have to make two deposits in order to withdraw any winnings made from your free bankroll.
  • At times very slow online support at CD poker, but this has nothing to do with PokerRoomSchool.
  • The fact that your account has to be verified by phone before you receive your free bonus.
  • Slow email response from PokerRoomSchool’s support team (took 3 days to get an answer to a question)


If you are an online poker beginner, PokerRoomSchool is a great place to start. If you have been playing for some time, sign up and use the free money to start a bankroll building project which you can write about on The Poker Bankroll Blog:-)

If you think the information above was useful and are considering signing up to PokerRoomSchool, support the Poker Bankroll Blog by signing up through us below:

You could be posting your articles on the Poker Bankroll Blog. Read all about it here.

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