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I will be posting a lot on this blog and I therefore thought it would be nice to give you – the potential readers – a quick old introduction to who I am:

I’m a 29 year poker fan who has been playing online poker for 4 years. For details on my glorious poker career check out my poker history. When I am not playing poker and working on my web page PokerBRB.com, I work as a researcher in a biotech company.

I do not plan on being a science nerd for the rest of my life (although it’s actually a lot of fun) which is why I want to take an MBA (Master of Business and Administration) degree and hopefully move into a more business development minded career. In my spare time I like to hang out with my girlfriend and work out in the local fitness centre. So there is….the quick and dirty introduction to me. Hope you enjoy reading my posts.

Mark, Tuesday the 27th of May

My favorite posts:


Quick introduction of me – Anders. I’m 27 year old. I just moved to Sliema, Malta, to start webprojects with a friend of mine (Michael who is also writing on PokerBankrollBlog.com). The projects we are spending the most of our time with are wosb.com and pokerbrb.com - tjeck them out ;) WOSB is a information portal on online sports bookmakers – where a rating in several dimensions is given for each bookmaker. Pokerbrb is website for poker players interested in a bankroll building challenge. At PokerBankrollBlog.com I will go in depth with the bankroll building concept and keep you updated on our Malta adventure behind the scene.

Anders, Friday May 30th


26 years old, and living in Sliema, Malta. Been playing poker for 4 years on and off.
Poker records:
Largest hand won: $723
Largest single day loss: $1000
Ferguson Challenge record: $10 to $1500 before everything went bad.

Michael, June 26th.


Let me introduce myself, my online name is McTap03 and I’m a Poker-holic. There, I said it, and now that I have that off my chest I feel much better. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step to recovery. But then again, why would I want to recover? So nevermind, I’m not addicted. Now onto the more serious side of me. I’ve been playing for over 3 years now, but have only decided to start taking my game seriously in the past 3 months. Since then I’ve started my own blog and have really dedicated myself (in my free time) to learning and understanding the inner workings of NLHE. I’ve written several posts here (pre remodelling of the website days) so if you search for my name on this site you will get an opportunity to see how I think. Hope you enjoy my posts and comments, and if you don’t, then let me know what you think. I’m always up for a good poker discussion. Good luck at the tables.


Marc, October 17th

Delik James

Known around the felt as Delik James, I’m an avid card player and poker-themed author/blogger. Whether cash games or tournaments, I live my life doing what I love – showing that I am a force to be reckoned with on the felt!

I’ve recently launched a new website – GamblerChronicles.com, a semi-fictionalized chronicles of a gambler, Greyson Slate, on a journey of endless wagers in a life unknown outcomes.

I also blog and host Quad Seven Poker, my archive of past and present works, great poker tools and fun daily stuff to waste some time at work or between porn downloads!

Here at Poker Bankroll Blog, I’m a contributing blogger that has recently gained the privilege of bringing you a weekly dose of poker news and events from the top magazine and online poker publications. This column, Rags for Riches focuses on poker and gambling related news and insights from my favorite poker ‘rags’ in an effort to expand some minds and some bankrolls.

Take a break from your 9-5 life and come check out the crazy one I have.
You might be inspired to forget the pavement and pound some FELT of your own.

Delik, October 2008

Vic Porcelli

I am  a 30 year radio veteran.  The past 16 years spent on the airwaves in St. Louis, Missouri,  I have  been playing poker for many years but seriously in the last five.  I prefer live poker to online but I do play a lot of online poker.  My biggest cash was $990 in Sunday Millions on Poker Stars.  My biggest live cash was $1275.  I prefer tournament play to cash games.  I actually hardly ever play cash games, but if I do it’s 3/6 limit.

I host a poker radio show on Saturdays 1;00PM Central Time on team 1380

My Posts:

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