How to Keep the Perfect Poker Face

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Jeffrey | Poker Strategy

Online poker is great, whether you play poker with Paddy Power or on a Facebook app, but sometimes you need to take your game to the next level. Playing a good game of poker and maintaining a poker face is harder than you’d think, especially when tensions are high. Live poker is exciting and can potentially be worthwhile.

A poker face is a simple expression that you maintain regardless of your situation. Many thought that a poker face was a specific face where you show no expression. Many players make numerous facial expressions, blush, hold their breath or give off other signs, when they are bluffing or holding a big hand. It doesn’t matter what face you make when playing poker as long as it is constant throughout. By following these tips below, you’ll be able to create the perfect poker face that will fool your opponents.

1) Relax
Keeping your emotions in check regarding the hand you’ve been dealt, can be tricky. The first step to mastering your poker face is to relax, be in control of the situation, no matter how stressed or excited you are. Hiding your reaction is your power, as no one will know what you’re thinking or what you’re about to do.

2) Maintain Eye Contact
You can win the upper hand by showing off your confidence and intimidating your opponents by locking eyes with them. If you find it difficult to maintain eye contact with your poker face, the key is to look at the bridge of their nose and keep focus.

3) Breathing
Controlling your breathing is vital, as this is one of the most tell-tale signs that someone is bluffing as when you get stressed your breathing automatically starts getting shallow, which draws attention. Make sure to breathe slowly in order to calm you and to not make it obvious that you’re not bluffing.

4) Cover Your Face
By wearing sunglasses, a hat or scarf you are limiting what your opponents can see, making it much more difficult to read your poker face and body language. This is an especially good tip for those who haven’t mastered their poker face yet.

5) Limit Your Talking
Keep your words few and simple, stick to the facts of the game and try not to get distracted. Avoid stumbling over any sentences or saying “um” as this shows you aren’t confident with your hand or are unsure whether or not to bluff.

If you don’t show any emotions in either situation, you make it incredibly difficult to read your body language, over time you can pay attention to the finer details in creating the perfect poker face.

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