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Not everybody knows how to play poker. Some of you may think that you know, but after sitting down at a table, you might find that you know much less than you thought. There are many “dos and don’ts guides out there” for the various poker games out there. This isn’t one of them. What you’ll find here is a “how to play” guide, to help you play poker at little better.

Be more comfortable folding

One of the things which you may wish to do is become more comfortable with folding. There is no shame in folding. If you have a hand that isn’t going to work for you, why should you stay in the game? Pull out and fold; you’ll thank yourself for it later on. Some poker players have the silly notion that folding is for losers – it really isn’t. The only people who are losers in the end, are the ones that don’t fold when they should. They are quite literally, the real losers.

Practice poker

Another thing you should do, is practice and learn about poker. There are plenty of resources available to help you with this. The internet is filled with great poker games which can be played for free, and poker school training sites. There is no finer way to improve your skills.

Read poker books

Poker books are also commonly used to better one’s knowledge of the game. Some of these are quite complex for beginners, but there are many top books out there that will help you get to grips with poker for the better, whatever your experience.

Watch poker

You might also try watching the World Series of Poker on television, or perhaps watch others play poker. You can learn a lot from watching, and you may be able to use some of what you see in your own game.

Poker websites

The internet is filled with hundreds of websites, many of which are invaluable resources in your attempt to learn poker. Some are reserved for more challenging players, and others are ideal for beginners.They contain free games, poker advices, good poker strategy section and much more. The best thing is, these resources are almost always 100% free, too. Follow their advice, and you should soon find yourself able to play better poker.

Poker training

It might sound more challenging, but you could actually hire the assistance of a poker pro to help you with your game. There are a number of pro poker experts out there offering their services, and they can teach you things that you won’t find in any book. If you can’t afford a poke trainer, you could always decide to get one of your friends to help you – preferably the one who has the best poker skills.


As well as reading poker books, it will also be useful if you study a bit. How do you study poker? Start by taking the information which you have learned from your books, and friends; take that a put it into effect. Before you play for real money, why don’t you organise a couple of free play poker games between friends. If you can beat them, you’re ready. Alternatively, learning to play poker with other newbies is a great way of studying the game.

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