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Jeffrey | Poker Freeroll

Poker Bankroll Freerolls

First of all we are happy to see that we are getting decent traffic to our blog now. Actually we are absolutely thrilled about this. I hope that everybody enjoys at least some of our posts;)

We will arrange a number of freerolls in September for the readers of this blog and the members of our poker forum only. Mark, Anders and I will of cause also play, so it should be great fun.

The tournaments will be held at Titan Poker (does not accept US players) and Poker Nordica (accepts US players).

To dates so far are:
September 7th (Sunday), $50 prize pool
September 13th (Saturday), $50 prize pool
September 19th (Friday), $50 prize pool
September 27th (Saturday), $50 prize pool

The rules for participating in the freerolls are quite simple. You have to be a member of our poker forum. So if you are not already a member, visit our poker forum and sign up. It is that simple!! Once you have made your first post you will automatically be moved to the active users group in which all the members will receive a PM with the tournament passwords.
I will post a new blog entry when we get closer to the date.

By the way, we have made a news feed so that you can receive an email when we publish new posts.

Subscribe to the Poker Bankroll Blog!!

Michael, August 27th.

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