Poker Bankroll Blog’s Betfair poker bonus and rakeback deal

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Poker Bankroll Blog’s Betfair poker bonus and rakeback deal

If you sign up for a Betfair poker bonus and rakeback deal through the Poker Bankroll Blog you will get the best Betfair poker bonus and rakeback deal available on the market:

  • 10$ up front no deposit bonus
  • Your own choice between a 50$, 500$ or 1500$ sign-up bonus
  • Up to 40% rakeback

Introduction to Betfair poker

Betfair is the largest online betting exchange in the world with over 2 million clients and a reported weekly turnover of 50 million pounds sterling. As most other online bookies. Betfair also offers poker. What separates Betfair from the vast majority of other online betting sites is that their poker client runs on their own independent network. Betfair’s headquarter is situated in London and their game servers are located on Malta

The Betfair poker network comes in 17th place out of 32 networks on Poker Scout when it comes to player traffic, and since the bulk of Betfair’s customers are punters you can expect to find good soft games.

What I like about Betfair, is that they offer the whole range of gambling from sports betting to casino to games to poker. And they have integrated their bonus systems through Betfair points which are accumulated through any of the gambling disciplines mentioned above. This means that bets you place on sport games also generate Betfair points towards clearing your poker sign up bonus.

Here’s how you sign up for the Betfair poker bonus and rakeback deal:

  1. Clear all cookies on your computer
  2. Create a Betfair poker account through this link: Betfair poker sign up

10$ up front bonus details

To receive the $10 poker bonus a player has to:

  • Fill in bonus code: CYOX50, CTX500, CYX150″ on the registration form
  • Download Betfair Poker client.
  • Create Betfair Poker alias
  • Register a payment processor and go through the age verification check

You have to complete each of the points above to get the 10$ free bonus.

If you are eligible to receive the $10 cash bonus, your account will be credited within a maximum of 72hrs of creating the Betfair account and Betfair Poker alias.

Sign up bonus details

  • You are free to chose a 50$ (bonus code CYOX50), 500$ (bonus code CTX500) or 1500$ sign-up bonus (bonus code CYX150)
  • In order to qualify you need to make a minimum deposit of 20$
  • Bonuses are cleared in steps through accumulating Betfair Points (10 Betfair points per $ raked or paid in fees)
  • The 50$ bonus is cleared in 5$ steps – for each $ cleared you need 30 Betfair Points
  • The 500$ bonus is cleared in 50$ steps – for each $ cleared you need 24 Betfair Points
  • The 1500$ bonus is cleared in 150$ steps – for each $ cleared you need 20 Betfair Points
  • You have 90 days to clear the bonus
  • Your sign-up bonus is deducted from your gross rake


  • 40% rakeback until 31st of August 2010 for all new players signing up in June
  • The standard rakeback percentage is 30%
  • Your rakeback percentage increases to 40% if you rake more than 1500 pounds sterling each month
  • Your rakeback is automatically paid into your account twice every month
  • Your sign up bonus is deducted from your gross rake
  • Tournament fees count towards your rake

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