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The game of Poker is one where you’ll witness good manners, quiet surroundings and hushed tones – well, most of the time anyway. Sometimes there can be a ruckus at a poker game and it’s usually down to someone not abiding by the etiquette rules. With so much at stake, the rules and attitudes surrounding poker are taken quite seriously. So before you head to your local tournament, you might want to brush up on your knowledge of the etiquette you’ll need before taking your seat at the table. You can play some Live Poker online too to get some practice in before entering the big leagues if you like

There are many times in poker where you may have to watch your manners, from general conversations to how you react when you win/lose. A lot of what you say will be under scrutiny and will contribute to your reputation as a rude or polite poker player.

Although mega-star poker player Phil Hellmuth bad-mouths his opponent on a regular basis, if you were to copy him you would be branded a fool and likely not invited back to any poker event. As well as that, it is considered extremely rude to answer a phone call during a game of poker, if you must answer your phone, make sure you leave the table – nobody cares who you’re talking to anyway.

Modesty when you win is also considered very polite and rubbing it in the faces of your opponents will get you nowhere other than pushed out the exit door. Nobody likes to lose in a game of poker, especially when a lot is at stake, so make sure that when you do win, it is done with dignity and grace – it could be you on the losing side next time.

One of the most important people who you need to show politeness and respect to is the dealer. These professionals are paid to just deal the cards they’re given, it isn’t their fault if you keep receiving shoddy hands so taking it out on them just makes you look like a tool.

Colloquialism etiquette
Slow rolling is considered one of the rudest things you can do it poker. By letting someone think they hold the cards by deliberately delaying your move is one of the least sporting things you can do. If you hold all the cards great, you don’t need to boast about them, but nor do you need to deliberately make a player feel they have a chance of winning just so you can make more money from them.

Don’t splash the pot. By throwing your chips into the pot not only do you make it difficult for the dealer to figure out which are yours, but you could be seen as trying to cheat. By not placing your chips in front of you neatly stacked for the dealer to count, you give off the impression you are trying to deceive the dealer. Many times people have been caught putting in less chips than the steak requires, and more often than not, the dealer will slowly remove the bets previously placed from the pot to ensure yours was correct, which can take unnecessary time away from the game.

String bets are usually down to the fault of the movies. With famous actors saying “I call… and raise you…” they are making a string bet, something you cannot do in poker. You either call a bet, or you raise a bet. You don’t want to look a fool by saying this around the table, that’s for sure!

As well as all these rules there are the basics of not talking about a hand you’re not in, not saying what cards you had after you fold, don’t play out of turn and so on. If you’re unsure of any others be sure to check with the casino you’re headed to, to see if they have a guide book on any of their specific poker tournaments.

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