Why are your bet sizes so important

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Why are your bet sizes so important?

There are countless amounts of poker players who never take into consideration how important it is to correctly size their bets based on the situation they are in.  Since you can bet any amount of chips in no limit Texas hold-em tournaments, it is easy to understand how deciding how much to bet might get a little tricky. The most important piece of advice I can give you is to think about is “When you bet, bet or a reason”.  In other words, what are you intending to do by potentially risking your chips when you throw them in the pot? For instance, if you have the “nuts” you don’t want to scare your opponent away by betting too high do you? Or perhaps you have nothing and want to scare him away. How much would you bet in this situation? With poker being such a dynamic game, this analogy is all but a small fraction of what can happen at the table.

Furthermore, what if your opponents notice that your bets are changing. They may be able to get reads on you if you if you alter your bet amounts when you are in the same situations. Maybe you c-bet high when you miss and low when you hit. These reads can and will be picked up by good players. But how do you know exactly what you are betting all the time? You can’t possibly remember each percentage you decided to raise in each particular hand! This is the first variable of the game which increases the chance for players to make mistakes.

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