PokerBRB freeroll and tournament league in March

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After successfully changing host from the amateurs at UK2Net to my new best friends at eukHost, the PokerBRB Freeroll and Tournament league starts up again in March.

Previously the PokerBRB tournament league has been all about freerolls, but unfortunately the passwords for these were leaked to multiple online forums specialized in gathering and sharing freeroll passwords for their members. This meant that our regular players often found themselves on tables were most of their opponents were either sitting out or played crazy bingo poker.

As a result we’ve taken an alternative approach to the league in March and focused on low buyin private tournaments.

Here’s the private buyin tournament schedule on Poker Nordica in March:

– Wednesday the 3rd, 10th and 17th of March: 2$ + 0,2$ private buyin tournament
– Friday the 5th, 12th and 19th of March: 3$ + 0,3$ private buyin tournament
– Sunday the 7th, 14th and 21st of March: 5$ + 0,5$ private buyin tournament

If you don’t have a Poker Nordica account, we have a great Poker Nordica bonus deal. Click here for more details.

As usual, when you finish in the money during the month, you get points towards the overall PokerBRB leaderboard.

The top 10 on the leaderboard after the series above has been played will receive a ticket to our sweet monthly final, a 200$ added 5$ +0,5$ buyin SNG on Poker Nordica, the 28th of March.

In addition the 1st place finisher on our leaderboard after the 9 private buyin tournaments have been played will win a one month membership to GrinderSchool. If you don’t know what GrinderSchool is, you can read my review of GrinderSchool here.

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