Sit N Go Poker; Double or Nothing (DoN) Tournament

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Submitted by Stuart, this article belongs to the Poker Tournament series.

What is it?
Double or nothing (DoN) tournament, although they have been around for a long time, are becoming more popular as compared to regular Sit N go tournaments.  In short, a DoN tournament is a Single Table Tournament (STT), usually 10 players.  The payout structure makes it “Double or Nothing”.  If you are playing a Double or nothing tournament,  all you have to worry about is coming in 5th.  All players who are left (5th or better) are paid double what they put in to play.  For example, if you put in $4.00 along with nine others then there is $40.00 to split.  The final five are paid $8.00 each and the rest receive nothing.  REMEMBER…there is a rake.

Early Stage Play
Play Tight!  Even decent hands can be folded at this time while you gather information on the other players.  When you spot a player also playing very tight, remember him/her.  Double or nothing tournaments can be considered as “outlast ‘em” tournaments.  The Idea is to keep enough of a chip stack to be around for the final five.  Avoid playing against others whom you have noted are also playing very tight whenever possible.  Chances are they are betting because the have a “premium hand”.  You have to preserve enough chips to make it to the final five.

Middle Stage Play
The blinds will have increased to 50/100 or 75/150 in most cases.  Now POSITION becomes very important.  Since the table is playing tight by now, blind stealing is possible if you have a playable hand ([A,Q] or better)and are in good position.  If you are raised by one of the ‘very tight’ players left, they are most likely playing the way you are and confrontation should be avoided.  I know this sounds like you’ll never play a hand and in many cases you will be mucking 90% of your hands!  Remember…FINAL FIVE!


Avoid being the Bubble Boy
If you have a decent chip stack, you should not be considering an all-in play no matter what your pocket cards are.  With a smaller chip stack, an all-in bet in position and a decent hand will probably take the blinds.  The idea here is to let the others take each other out.
I know this sound totally different from the normal tournament play, but just remember that coming in 5th or first nets you the same result and the tournament is over when there are 5 players left.

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