Sit N Go Texas Hold’em 101

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Submitted by Stuart, from, this article belongs to the Poker Rules series.

This article is for those who have not played Texas Hold’em Poker and wish to understand how it is played in online poker tournaments.

For the first two players left of the dealer, they will put into the pot the small blind (first player left of the dealer) and the big blind(second player left of the dealer). These blinds will start low say 20 chips for the small blind and 40 chips for the big blind (usually shown as 20/40). The blinds will continue to move higher, usually in 10 minute intervals. This keeps the game moving. The blinds are so named because the two players putting them into the pot are betting before seeing their cards. After each game the dealer position moves one place to the left thus insuring that each player will put in blinds.

Each player is dealt two cards face down before the first round of betting (unless you are one of the blinds).
Next, three cards called ‘the flop’ are put face up into the center of the table. Now comes the next round of betting.
Then a fourth card is dealt face up to the center of the table. This card is called the ‘turn’, followed by another round of betting.
Finally, the fifth card is dealt face up to the center of the table. This card is called the ‘river’, followed by the last round of betting.
After all the betting is completed, the player with the best five card poker hand made from the 7 cards (the two face down cards dealt at the beginning, usually referred to as ‘hole cards’ or ‘pocket cards’, plus the five cards in the center of the table, wins the hand. If the best hand is the five cards in the center then the pot is split among all the players left playing that hand.

There are many strategies on how to play and win at Texas Hold’em and a variety of books available on the subject. I will review and recommend some in later blogs. Also, I will give you certain tips you must know to be a winner at Texas Hold’em tournaments such as Sit N Go Tournaments.

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3 Comments to Sit N Go Texas Hold’em 101

February 5, 2010

Some good points. Couple of things I would add.

Firstly, I don’t like your point about “not playing poker outside of your bankroll building project”. Personally I’m building a bankroll multi-tabling SNGs. I’m grinding them out successfully and moving up the levels as my bankroll grows. However, I do play live games with friends, and also Sunday tourneys at much higher buyins – but I treat them as totally different things. I guess it comes down to attitude, and some people would be different, but so long as your goal keeps you motivated (in your earlier poinst!) then I think it’s no trouble getting back to the grind after playing a bigger game!

My second point (this ones’s probably a bit more constructive!) is that often I see people recommend a fixed number of buyins for a bankroll. In fact you say 40 – 100 buyins for SNGs. Well in my opinion, if you’re a reasonably solid player you can get away with much less than that, so long as you set the rule (and stick to it!!) that you scale your buyins down if your bankroll decreases.

For example – let’s say someone is playing $6.40 SNGs, your guide would be that they need a bankroll of between $264 and $640. We I would say 30 times the buyin is fine, but if you have less than 25 times the buyin you drop back a level. So you would need to start with aournd $200 to play the $6.60 games, but if you dropped below $165 after a losing streak you would then start playing the $4.80 games until you had built it back up. That way your bankroll is never in danger – but you do need the discipline to stick to it!!!

Great blog BTW!
.-= Billy´s last blog ..Gus Hansen Interview With Poker Superstars =-.

February 5, 2010

Sorry this was on the wrong post for some reason, I was reading the “Bankroll builder not to do” post and must have refreshed the page or something!
.-= Billy´s last blog ..Gus Hansen Interview With Poker Superstars =-.

February 6, 2010

No problem Billy :-) Thanks for your constructive comment!!
.-= Mark´s last blog ..The PokerBRB league is taking a break in February =-.

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