Slots versus Video Poker: What is the difference?

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Jeffrey | Poker Strategy

Slots and Video Poker games are the most popular forms of games in the gambling world. Casinos usually reward players of the two games with great cashback prizes. Because these games are regarded the best, they are often compared in a lot of aspects.

Slot machines are simple while video Poker has a strategic element to it, making the two games interesting to players who play them.

Slots have fewer strategies as compared to Video Poker. Video Poker has a difficult strategy as compared to slots. In video Poker, you begin with five cards. Whether you decide to keep some of them or discard some of them, your decision will affect you in the long run. For poker strategies check out us online casinos and you will benefit a lot from reading the guides.

Slot machines offer big jackpots that are worth millions while video Poker offer rewards worth thousands. Video Poker comes nowhere near close to slot machines when it comes to payouts.

Slots are more fun to play especially for people who do not care about high jackpots and strategy. If you just want to relax, have fun and not think too much then slots are the best games to try.

Comps and Bonuses
The disadvantage of slots is that it has a bigger house edge as compared to Video Poker. However, they have more comps. There are long term profits in Video Poker.

Resemblances between video Poker and Slots
Both of the games function through a random generator. This involves creating an arrangement of numbers that cannot be predicted. RGN makes sure each outcome is different.

More so Video Poker and slots also known as slot machines in Australia and New Zealand, are a good alternative to table games, players who play Video Poker and slots are not usually fans of table games.

Both games also have betting options. In both games, a player can change betting options and some of the betting options in both games are almost the same.

The two games offer different payback depending on the casino, especially online casinos.

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