The Major Styles of Playing Online Poker

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Online Texas Hold’em Poker players can be classified according to four different styles of play, namely:
•    Loose Aggressive
•    Tight Aggressive
•    Loose Passive
•    Tight Passive

The words, Loose and Tight describe the number of hands the player will actually play, whereas the words Aggressive and Passive define the betting strategy of the player.

If you are familiar with the playing styles in your online poker game then it could probably help you combat their game and actually beat them. Following is a brief summary of each of the playing styles:

Loose Aggressive: A loose aggressive player can be easily found at the online poker game. They usually bet frequently and bet big preferring to go all-in. Such players are difficult to be judged because  it is clear that he may not always have the best of cards but how to identify when he’s bluffing?

Tight Aggressive: A tight aggressive player only bets when he has good cards. And so he is the diametrical opposite to a loose aggressive player. These players will hardly ever bluff. If this player gets a good hand he will place a big bet and keep the betting action going.

Loose Passive: These players are always keen to see every hand but are not prepared to be a part of the betting. They usually call small to medium bets  but won’t commit to a hand by raising bets.

Tight Passive: Such a player hardly gets involved in the game and you would probably question why he is there at all. These players usually fold all but the best hands. Even if they get a good hand they will rather call than bet.

Among all the styles mentioned above, the tight aggressive is considered to be the best. It requires the player to be patient but actually pays off in prize money at the end of the game.

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3 Comments to The Major Styles of Playing Online Poker

Lawn Care Tips
July 8, 2009

Can I still play poker for real money in the US. I have heard that congress has made it illegal to credit card companies to process transactions from internet poker sites so can I still transfer via my bank account? 10pts to the person who lists the most online poker sites accepting online money players from the US.

July 9, 2009


I would go to to find information about this, and possible ask the same question on their forum.


Mark’s last blog post..The Major Styles of Playing Online Poker

July 9, 2009

I love poker and i think i am in the category of Tight Aggressive:)

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