The Real Poker Game: Deepstack Poker

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You can find a lot of different poker games online lately. Not only there’s the difference between tournament poker and cash games, you can also choose between long handed and short handed games, single or multi-table tournaments,… . But there’s another important factor which determines your game: the amount of chips you sit down with (in regard to the size of the blinds).

It’s a known fact among the more experienced poker players that most tournaments in a lot of online poker rooms can’t offer you a quality poker game. The starting stacks are mostly not big enough in regard to the size of the blinds, which increases quickly. The result is ‘early shoving': because you end up fast with less than ten big blinds, you can’t wait anymore for your quality hands to play and just have to go all-in to see if your hand holds up in a coinflip or worse.

This is definitely the case with single table sit ‘n go’s. There simply isn’t a poker room yet which offers you deep stack single table tournaments. Luckily there are rooms who offer enough quality deep stack tournaments like Full Tilt Poker (although the buy-ins are reasonably high here, so not suitable for small bankrolls) and PokerStars (offers tournaments starting at $2). So what’s so special about these deep stack tournaments?

Making a game deep stack completely changes the game. You will notice you can play a lot more hands in those games, making it more similar to a cash game. Because you’ll always have more big blinds, you don’t have to get all your chips in the middle before any card on the board is turned. In contrast, there’s room for more play on every street because things like ‘implied odds’ are way more important in those games. Maybe you don’t get the right pot odds at a certain moment in a hand, but because both you and your opponent play with a lot of chips you might have to call: if you hit your (miracle) card you can win a lot of chips! You can find some more tips about deep stack poker right here.

So deep stack poker really is a great opportunity for the more experienced poker players who want to experience what it’s like to be in a real tournament, just like the pros on TV. If you already have troubles with your patience in regular sng’s or tourneys, you should not play deep stack. Finally you should not give up after missing the money a couple of times, because there’s a bigger chance you miss the money than reaching the money in tournaments with like 90,180, or even more than 1000 players. Just try to win in the long run, like this guy tries ;) . Good luck!

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