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This aim of this page is to provide you with an unbiased – and regularly updated – list of the top 100 poker blogs online today. I have chosen to rank the blogs on the list by the following parameters:

  • Alexa Rank: Alexa rank is one today’s major benchmarks for website popularity. The rank is based on the browsing behavior of people who have the Alexa toolbar installed.
  • Google Page Rank: Google Page Rank is a complex algorithm developed by Google to quantify THEIR view on the relative importance of a given web page. Pages with a higher page rank are more likely to be displayed at the top of search results. No one really knows exactly how Google Page Rank is calculated or when it’s updated. Usually Google Page Rank is updated 4-5 times a year.
  • Indexed pages: This number shows how many pages are indexed in Google for the given website. It is a measure of the amount of content on the website.
  • Daily Visitors: In a near future, I aim to be able to automatically display daily visitor numbers for the top 100 poker blogs on my list.

Here’s a list of criteria your blog needs to meet in order to be listed on my top 100 blog list:

  • You have to be an active blogger, i.e new content every month
  • Your blog has to be poker related
  • I’m only interested in listing poker blogs; commercial poker sites and poker review sites will not be featured on my list. I decide myself whether a site falls into the blog or commercial poker site category

Here’s how you get listed (if you’re not already on the list):

  • Send me an email at with a short description of your poker blog
  • Write a short post on your blog mentioning that you are now listed on the Poker Bankroll Blog’s top 100 poker blog list. Remember to include a link back to the top 100 blog page where you will be featured.

If the list turns out to be a success, I plan to develop a bunch of cool features for you to use.

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