Tournament mistakes_part 1

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Instead of bitching and whining over bad beats I thought I would start sharing the mistakes I make in tournaments. By doing so I hope to reduce the number of mistakes I make and channel my frustrations into writing blog posts which is way more constructive than punching my desk.

Although I am on an official big buy-in tournament break I still play the tournaments in my Poker tournament league. Today was a 2000$ guaranteed 6$ buy-in turbo 6 max tournament on Power Poker.

I did quite well to build a decent 30000 chips stack and was in the money when I started making my first mistake on a relatively new table.

I was making small raises and c-bets to steal pots and blinds but the other players on the table picked up on this and started putting pressure on me by re-raising me all in. So what do I do? I continued making small raises and c-bet and quickly bleed out half my stack due to the increasing blinds. I should have been more aware of my table image and changed my style of play accordingly.

My second and fatal mistake was with J9 in the big blind and a 15000 chip stack. The button who had everyone on the table covered raised it up to 3xBB and I pushed all in aiming for a fold or two live cards in the case of a call. Turns out he had AJ and won the hand. In retrospect I should not have made this move because part of the value of it was to get my opponent to fold. You almost never get the chipleader to fold a preflop raise when you push all in as a short stacked player.

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1 Comment to Tournament mistakes_part 1

Vincenti Winchester
November 25, 2009

Actually, being able to write about mistakes is a symptom of a logical, mature mind.

Naturally, no one enjoys losing in an environment where we are truly speaking about a zero sum game.

All of the instincts of the hunt, of survival, of bringing home the prize (or starving) are brought into play as poker hands are worked.

It is amazing that, although in the wild we would have been able to scream at the moment of attack, with poker it is the catlike quiet stealth of the buffalo hunt that reigns.

My hat is off to any hunter who is willing to admit mistakes and grow thereby.

Allow me to have you with me in the next fox hole we are forced to occupy.
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