WOSB fantasy betting league; 40 GBP prize in January’s competition

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Mark | Sports and Fantasy betting

My good buddies from WOSB have recently launched the WOSB fantasy betting league.

The WOSB fantasy betting league is in short an advanced sports betting competition. Each player starts with a 1000 unit bankroll, and the aim of the league is to increase your bankroll as much as possible throughout the month the competition lasts. It is completely free to sign up to the league.

You increase your bankroll by placing bets on selected soccer matches, just like you would at any regular bookmaker. The league software then automatically keeps track of your betting history and your bankroll development compared to the other league participants.

The 1st prize in January’s competiton is 40 GBP (around 70$). There are currently very few registered participants in the league so the chances of winning the first prize are still very good. Especially because one of the participants is me (look for the pokerBRB profile), and I have had a terrible start. January’s WOSB fantasy betting league competition runs until January 31st.

The WOSB fantasy betting league is still only a beta version, so minor bugs are to be expected. However, the people behind WOSB are very keen to get user feedback to improve their league for future competitions.

Additional WOSB fantasy betting league features

Private Groups (Sub Competitions)

In addition to the primary WOSB Betting Competition, you can create and participate in so called private groups.

Private groups are sub group to the main WOSB Betting Competition where you and your friends can create your own closed group based on the same betting profile which participates in the main WOSB Betting Competition.

I have created a private group called PokerBankrollBlog, which is currently open for players who think they stand a chance against my superhuman betting skills.

Private Leagues (Secondary Competition)
These leagues are totally independent of the main WOSB Betting Competition. They are either leagues created by secondary sponsors or different web sites for their unique users.

For these private leagues you create a totally new betting account inside your fantasy betting profile. So they wont affect your betting at WOSB Betting Competition.

When creating the private leagues you can change quite a number of parameters such as competition length, maximum bet allowed, max number of participants allowed or whether it shall be an open or closed league.

Another way of using the private league possibility, would be to create a private independent league for you and your friends. You could even add your own little prize pool to make the competition a bit more fun.

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2 Comments to WOSB fantasy betting league; 40 GBP prize in January’s competition

January 13, 2010

Thanks for the invite – I’m into gambling – as one can tell – and I’m enjoying browsing through this site.

I don’t know much about the fantasy betting league – but it looks cool – and I like the fact that it is free!

Take care!

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Michael Cowell
January 13, 2010

I will join this one, too bad I didn’t see it earlier now I need to work hard to win hahhaha.. Thanks

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