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My current online poker activities

Sunday, November 11th, 2012 | Poker and Life, Poker Projects | No Comments

After a long break from poker I have now started playing tournaments online again with a good buddy of mine. So far it's not going too well - no big wins, plenty of suck-outs and a game that's too standard to make it to the top. We still play way too passively during the periods where we don't get any decent hands, and this has time and time again resulted in our stacks being eaten away by blinds. There's definitely room for improvement by mixing in some more advanced poker strategy, where we play Read more [...]

‘Social’ Poker and Its Advantages for Certain Players

Thursday, November 8th, 2012 | Poker Cash Games, Poker Strategy, Poker Tips | No Comments

Are there ways to turn the social aspect of online Poker into advantages, even potential ways to grab bigger pots? Knowing how to manage your social tools and online presence as a player may just be the edge you were looking for to step up your game. But it depends what kind of player you are, as we shall see. Let’s start taking a look at these new social twists thrown into the classic card game, to find out whether they might hold some secrets for players. Could social networking prove to Read more [...]

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