AA vs J10 – odds and probability for the poker hands AA vs J10

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AA vs J10

One of the most fun hands to play in Texas Hold’em is jack-ten, especially in suited guise. Although a rather marginal hand in most respects it can yield big rewards but playing it also has major downfalls too.The aim of this post is to give you an overview of odds and probability for the poker hands AA vs J10.

Odds and probability of AA vs 10J happening

You will be dealt suited jack-ten once every 332 hands, jack-ten offsuit every 111 hands and any J10 every 83 hands, the same odds of being deal a hand such as ace-king. When suited, jack-ten is ranked as the 16th best starting hand in Hold’em, ranked higher than pocket nines, king-queen offsuit and even ace-queen offsuit! However, when unsuited its strength is greatly diminished and it drops to a ranking of 47 making it worse than pocket fives and even queen-eight suited!

Jack-ten suited is the best suited connector you can play because whenever you make a straight using both of your hole cards it was always be the nut straight so you never have to worry about drawing to an expensive second-best hand. The hand is also very simple to play because you will either hit the flop hard or completely miss it, meaning you will have straightforward decisions to make post-flop. Another of jack-ten’s strengths is when it finds itself in a dreaded AA vs J10 situation.

Odds of winning when you have AA vs 10J

Whether focusing on Betfair Freerolls or not, no hand stands up well against pocket aces but jack-ten suited comes off better in an AA vs J10 situation than queens, kings or ace-king does. Whilst aces will beat kings at least 81.95% of the time, they will only win 78.84% of the time against suited jack-ten. This is because suited jack-ten has the advantage of being able to make straights and flushes more easily than a pocket pair.

Whilst those looking to Betfair Poker Live will acknowledge that it is rare to find AA vs J10 going against each other all in preflop (unless one player is short-stacked) you will quite often see the money going in on a draw heavy flop. As an example imagine you raise with JdTd from the cutoff and the big blind three-bets you. You call and flop a monster draw on a Kd-Qd-7s board. In this situation you will still be an underdog but only 52.172% making it a virtual coinflip to win. Plus, if you make it to the turn and the turn is an ace there is no way that your opponent is folding his set whilst you sit there with the nuts and 78% equity! It is this scenario where J10 suited comes into its element.

Good times with 10J vs AA

J10 is one of my favorite hands in heads-up games and recently won me a substantial pot when I found myself in an AA vs J10 confrontation. My opponent had been playing pretty straightforward but was running really well until this particular hand. With blinds of $0.50/$1 he raised to $4 from the button and I called with JcTc. The flop was a pretty marvelous looking 7c-8c-9h, which not only gave me the nuts but a re-draw to the flush. I checked, my opponent bet $6 and I simply called. The turn was the ace of diamonds I bet out $12 hoping the ace had helped my opponent and it appeared it had as he quickly raised to $65! I then moved all in and he snap-called, turning over black aces. The river was the ten of diamonds and I raked in a nice pot.

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