AI Can Now Beat Poker Pros

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Jeffrey | Poker Strategy

Artificial Intelligence has been around for decades, but it is something we have not paid much attention to. It is now beginning to play a pivotal role in modern society and it is something which is beginning to get just a little bit scary.

The developments in AI are astounding and they are now getting so advanced that they are able to beat some of the world’s top poker players at their own game.

Libratus is the name given to a piece of AI which recently beat four of the world’s most renowned poker players, which closely monitored its competition’s strategies to beat them.

In fact, Libratus and poker players partook in a twenty-day competition over in Pittsburgh, with over 120,000 individual hands being played, where it came out on top.

Individually, Libratus beat each of the players during the head-to-head poker games and collected a staggering $1.8 million in poker chips. Clever AI has the potential to be turned into a lucrative business and it shall be interesting to see how long it takes some of the world’s biggest poker sites to incorporate AI into their games.

AI has been on the rise worldwide and has made waves in lots of different industries, including legal and other professional services. It is 30,000 times faster than your regular computer and has the ability to truly revolutionize poker itself.

This victory for AI has not come easily though. The first ever basic poker AI software called Orac was developed all the way back in 1984 and it wasn’t until 1997 that we saw a new innovation in poker AI called Loki.

AI developers have been hard at work to create poker AI capable of beating professional human beings, and it has clearly paid off.

To learn more about how AI is changing the face of poker, check out our infographic below.

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