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This is the third installment of the weekly All in Poker Radio Show resume series I have planned for the Poker Bankroll blog.

The All in Poker Radio show is hosted by Vic Porcelli who is joined in the studio by Big Slick Andy Kazen, The Young Gun Aggressor Craig Hogard and The Insider Cody Duffey. Produced by Game On Network Entertainment the show can be downloaded as podcast at All In Podomatic and listened to live each Saturday through the Team 1380 website.

In show 12 Vic and the guys (now guest starring Paul “Hollywood” Peterson) are joined by Jonathan Little of, Mark (that’s me!!!) from Poker Bankroll Blog and Mike “The Mouth” Matusow famous poker pro and author of “Check raising the devil”.

The All In Radio Poker Show team’s weekly results 0:00-6:00

Craig played aggressive this week even for his standards and didn’t do too well. In one tournament he actually busted out in the 1st hand with JJ against AQ all in preflop. Good to see it happens to others as well.

Paul mostly played freerolls and a good point was made by Craig I believe that “goofing around online” in freeroll and low buyin tournaments will develop you as a poker player since the more hands you see, the more experience you get.

Vic played Full Tilts SNG madness and qualified to a 50000$ guaranteed tourney. In the same sentence he whipped up a couple of bad beat stories despite his crusade to eliminate them. What can I say….join the dark side Vic LOL.

WSOP update with Jonathan Little 6:00-23:00

Jonathan Little was asked how he plays pocket 10’s in different situations, here’s what he answered.

  • Raise if you are in middle position and no one has entered the pot before you
  • Raise 5-7BB if you are in middle position and have two or three limpers before you. Fold if you get limp re-raised
  • Call if there is a raise behind you and see if you can catch a good flop

Jonathan does not like re-raising in the third situation:

“You are only going to get a lot of action when you are beat and you are going to be beat a lot more often than not” which I think is very true.

Jonathan also advised Vic to loosen up his game. In MTT’s you have to end up in the top 99% to get real money, so you need to add more variance to you game.

WSOP classic clip 23:00-27:30

Peter Eastgate vs. Ivan Demidov in the 2008 WSOP Main Event final. Peter Eastgate won with a straight on the turn against Demidov’s two pair.

Interview with Mark from Poker Bankroll Blog 27:30-36:00

My 10 minutes of fame. I talk about two articles from the blog namely The Poker Bestiary and Loco Poker. Vic and the guys seemed to like the interview, so I am pretty sure I will be on the air again mid July.

Interview with Mike “The Mouth Matusow” 36:00-46:00

Mike Matusow has a new book out titled “check raising the devil” where he shares his life’s experiences. It’s been a tough life with drug and alcohol problems, jail time, ADHD and Bi Polar condition.

Read the book and discover that the life of a Poker Pro is not a luxurious as it’s cut out to be.

During the interview the  now famous fold made by Romanello in the WSOP 2008 main event was mentioned. You have to check this out on You Tube. Romanello folded JJ on a AJK1010 flop against Geller’s KK.

Does he have the nuts or is he just nuts? 46:00-50:00

In this soon to be classic radio show piece we join Roland de Wolfe and Justin Bonomo in the WSOP 2008 5000$ buyin Mixed Hold’em event.

Roland de Wolfe has pocket 6s and calls both flop and turn bets made by Justin Bonomo on a 8872Q board.

Justin makes a massive 200000 chip river bet, but does he have the nuts or is he just nuts?

Go to All In Podomatic and find out.

You could be posting your articles on the Poker Bankroll Blog. Read all about it here.

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2 Comments to All In Poker Radio Show 12 – Jonathan Little ( – Mark (Poker Bankroll Blog) – Mike Matusow (Check RaisingThe Devil)

Lawn Care Tips
July 8, 2009

Not really an addictive personality or major gambling problem…..but when i get bored, i just find that i enjoy playing online poker more than anything else. Good enough that i break even in long run, so i’m not losing much money, but its the time and opportunity cost that bothers me.

July 9, 2009

I actually feel the same way. I often feel that the time I spend playing poker when I’m bored could be spent much better writing articles and working on my websites.

In addition, lately I have come to realize that playing poker when you’re bored perhaps isn’t the best approach to winning online poker tournaments.

Mark’s last blog post..The Major Styles of Playing Online Poker

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