All In Poker Radio Show 15 – Doug Campbell Cashes in the WSOP Main Event – Jonathan Little (

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This is the sixth installment of the weekly All in Poker Radio Show resume series I have planned for the Poker Bankroll blog.

The All in Poker Radio show is hosted by Vic Porcelli who is joined in the studio by Big Slick Andy Kazen, The Young Gun Aggressor Craig Hogard and The Insider Cody Duffey. Produced by Game On Network Entertainment the show can be downloaded as podcast at All In Podomatic and listened to live each Saturday through the Team 1380 website.

In show 15 Vic and the guys are joined in the studio by Doug Campbell who recently cashed in the WSOP Championship Main Event and Jonathan Little from

Highlights from Show 15

  • Judging from the amounts of traffic to the WSOP official website during the final elimination to 9 players in the WSOP Main Event, there is no drop in poker popularity in the US
  • Phil Ivey is one of the 9 finalists. Everyone’s rooting for him in the studio except for Craig or Cody (sorry guys, you sound alike on the radio).
  • Vic has a lot to say about how he prefers poker players to be stoic at the tables and not display any emotion. Personally I think that’s a bit boring and I don’t think I will ever be able to do it. According to Jonathan Little there is also an added benefit of being flamboyant at the live tables. Loud players tend to get better sponsorship deals.
  • Jonathan Little answers the 10 random questions for poker players. Jonathan thinks Annette_15 is the best female poker player. I disagree, mostly because Anette has never answered my tweets on Twitter. Best poker book: “The theory of poker” by Davis Sklansky. Great book!!!
  • WSOP classic clip from WSOP Main Event 2007. “Miami” John Cernuto vs. Dave Backstrom. Miami John sounds like a bad ass gangster. Funny stuff.
  • Vic and the guys discuss how to play weak aces. Most of them agree that A9 or below qualifies as a weak ace. Craig rather unconventionally considers A3 weaker than A9 since with A3 you have the possibility of hitting the low straight. IMO I wouldn’t play weak aces early in tournaments unless you are a comfortable post flop player. Later in tournaments however, any hand with an Ace becomes playable depending on the circumstances. LOL, just realized that any hand is playable depending on the circumstances.
  • Doug Campbell from St. Louis recently cashed in the WSOP Main Event and it sounds like he had a great time playing some good poker, meeting poker celebrities and even placing his hand on Annie Duke’s butt. In addition Doug picked up some pretty good tells on his opponents during the tournament. There’s a good lesson to be learned here: In live games, don’t look at your cards before it’s your turn. This way you prevent players from making tells on you.
  • Does he have the nuts, or his he nuts? Erik Lindgren vs. Julian Meer.

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