All In Poker Radio Show 17 – Mike Eise (WSOP Bracelet Champion in Studio) – Heartland Poker Tour and Fred Bevill heads to St . Louis

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This is the 8th installment of the weekly All in Poker Radio Show resume series I have planned for the Poker Bankroll blog.

The All in Poker Radio show is hosted by Vic Porcelli who is joined in the studio by Big Slick Andy Kazen, The Young Gun Aggressor Craig Hogard and The Insider Cody Duffey. Produced by Game On Network Entertainment the show can be downloaded as podcast at All In Podomatic and listened to live each Saturday through the Team 1380 website.

In show 17 Vic and the guys are joined in the studio by Mike Eise “The CLINT EASTWOOD of Poker” and Fred Bevill.

Highlights from show 17

  • Vic and the guys talk to Mike Eise, winner of a WSOP bracelet this year. Some good points are made. Mike’s definition of being lucky in a tournament is that your good hands hold up. If you’re drawing out on people you are playing badly. He hardly ever puts his tournament life on line with coinflips. Live tournament play is a lot different than online tournament play in this respect. The rapidly increasing blinds force you to take chances and seek out coinflip situations.
  • Fred Bevill talks about the Heartland “real people, unreal money” Poker Tour which is soon coming to St. Louis. The Heartland Poker Tour is known as the event where average Joe players can get the chance to win big money in main events where the final table is televised. 90% of the Main Event field have qualified through satellite tournaments. Fred Bevill’s background as a stand up comedian shines through when he makes the following statement: Poker is one of few sports where you can sit down and play with the best in the game. Calling poker a sport….now that’s funny!
  • Vic treated us with one of the best poker quotes ever made from Tom McEvoy: “Poker is not a card game with people it’s a people game with cards”. Great quote…
  • WSOP classic clip. 2006 WSOP 50000$ buyin HORSE event. Andy Bloch vs. Chip Reese are heads up for the bracelet.
  • Vic and the guys talk about playing face cards such as KQ, QJ etc. The essence is: don’t play face cards early in long live events if you’re not able to lay them down on a flop where you hit top pair but face opposition. These hands can get you into a whole lot of trouble.
  • Mike Eise talks about playing the WSOP Main Event. His experience was that there is no need to rush things if you are ever lucky enough to play in this tournament. There is plenty of time to sit tight and be patient. In any case long events are a serious grind where you will be playing up to 14 hours of poker a day. You might as well get used to being patient.
  • Does he have the nuts or is he just nuts? 2007 WSOP Main Event final table. Jerry Yang is putting the pressure on John Kalmer. Does Jerry have the nuts or is he just nuts? Check out the show to find out.

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