All in poker radio show 11 – Ken Smaron( – Mike Eise (Winner WSOP NLHE Event) – Warwick Dunnett (Pokerwizards)

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This is the second installment of the weekly All in Poker Radio Show resume series I have planned for the Poker Bankroll blog.

The All in Poker Radio show is hosted by Vic Porcelli who is joined in the studio by Big Slick Andy Kazen, The Young Gun Agressor Craig Hogard and The Insider Cody Duffey. Produced by Game On Network Entertainment the show can be downloaded as podcast at All In Podomatic and listened to live each Saturday through the Team 1380 website.

In show 11 Vic and the guys are joined by Kenneth Smaron of, Mike Eise who has recently won his first WSOP bracelet and Warwick Dunnett author of Pokerwizards.

The All In Radio Poker Show team’s weekly results 0:00-3:00

Andy AKA Big Slick, Craig and The Insider Cody Duffey played a live game at Fox and Hound. Cody lived up to his name hitting an inside straight draw. Craig was doing well in an online tournament when he suddenly realized that his neighbour and buddy from high school was playing the same tournament. His buddy ended up knocking him out of the tournament. Any lessons learned from that LOL?

WSOP updates from Kenneth Smaron 3:00-9:30

Kenneth Smaron is one of the people behind as well as a WSOP tournament player. He has already taken down 20000$ of winnings at the WSOP this year and still has two tournaments left: the 5000$ buyin Texas Holdem No Limit 6 max tournament and the WSOP Main Event.

Vic and Kenneth discuss the differences between playing short-handed 6max SNGs/MTTs and regular full ring tables with 9 or 10 players. According to Kenneth there is a lot more skill involved in 6max games due the the higher number of pots won on post flop play and the higher number of hands played in general.

If you want to learn from the best SNG players in the world from the many videos available at

WSOP classic clip 9:30-13:30

Joseph Hachem is heads up against Steve Dannemann in the 2005 WSOP Main Event. Steve raises 700000 with A3 and Hachem calls with 73. The flop is 456 giving Hachem the straight. Turn comes an Ace and both players end up all in. Hachem takes the title. I particularly liked a piece of conversation between Hachem and Steve during the turn action:

Hachem: Are you having fun?

Steve: Oh my god it’s a ball

Good stuff!

Mike Eise’s WSOP win 13:30-31:00

Mike Eise won a 1500$ buyin Texas Holdem No Limit event at the WSOP buyin and on the show he talks about how he made it that far.

Mike Eise set benchmarks throughout the tournament such as:

  • Make it to the dinner break
  • Make it through the first day
  • Make it to the money
  • Make it to the next money level
  • Make it to the final table

When asked where you draw the line between playing to cash or playing to win Eise replied that in order to play to win you need to realize that a tournament has different stages which require adaption of your game. Along the way you can’t be scared. Pick your punches and go for it. If you are in a situation where the right thing to do is to put your tournament life on the line, then do it.

Keep in mind though that the optimal route to tournament success is getting enough chips during the tournament so you can avoid ending up in situations where your tournament life is on the line.

Come final table Eise recommended that you treat it as any other final table you have played in. If you have the big stack start pushing people around and setting the pace so everyone becomes aggressive. At this point you can afford to sit back a bit and watch your opponents knock each other out

Another important point Mike mentioned was to continuously keep your table image in mind. He maintained a table image of a tight player throughout the tournament which gave him plenty of opportunities to steal pots.

Bankroll management with Warwick Dunnett 32:00-until end of show

Warwick Dunnett is the author of Pokerwizards. In this book he among other things interviewed famous poker tournament pros to hear their take on bankroll management. According to Mike Sexton, the biggest sin in poker in not having enough bankroll. But exactly how large a bankroll do you need in order to play say 1000$ buyin tournaments?

Apart from the obvious answer from Mike Sexton: “If you want to play a 1000$ tournament you need 1000$”, there was a large spread in the bankroll sizes suggested by the pros. Here are the numbers:

Daniel Negreanu : 50000$

Mike Sexton : No less than 20000$

Kathy Liebert: 40000$

Marcel Lüske, Dan Harrington and Chris Ferguson: 100000$

To hear the show yourself go to All In Podomatic

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1 Comment to All in poker radio show 11 – Ken Smaron( – Mike Eise (Winner WSOP NLHE Event) – Warwick Dunnett (Pokerwizards)

Sam Kelley
June 26, 2009

Marcel Luske is a poker legend! If he says to bring 100000$… that’s what you should do! He is going to be playing in a poker tournament in the Bahamas, with pros like Annie Duke, Jamie Gold, David Singer, Robert Daily and many more. Plus sports legends like Troy Aikman, Richard Petty, Emmitt Smith, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Joe Namath, Mike Ditka, Gale Sayers and more!

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