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Michael | Sports and Fantasy betting

If you are into online betting the bonus search feature at WOSB could be very useful. Check it out here:

Bookmaker Bonus

The feature helps you find a bonus that suits you. Furthermore and probably most importantly, it is possible to get a good insight into the financial status of the bookmakers offering different bonuses with the ratings given at WOSB.

There are six criteria you can put on your search. These will be explained here:

Minimum Bonus Rating:
All bonuses are given a rating based on how much value the offer gives you. A rating of 10 is the highest.

Only Show Bonuses With +EV:
The term EV stands for “Expected Value” and is the parameter we use to measure the value of a bonus. If EV is positive you are expected to profit from this bonus. There is a saying that the house always wins; this is not the case when the bonus offer has a positive expected value.

Minimum Bonus Percent:
This allows you to adjust which bonus percent size you a searching for. If you only want 100% sign up bonuses, just type 100 here.

Cash / Free play:
This choise allows you to state which kind of bonus offers you are interested in. The difference between Free play and Cash bonuses, is that you can’t withdraw the free play amount given to you by the bookmaker.

Odds Conditions:
Some bookmakers require that the playing odds have to be over a certain amount before the bet counts towards the rollover, typically over odds 2 (even). If you select “No” only bonus offers that do not have any requirements are shown.

Prepaid / Initial Rollover Requirement:
If a bonus is Prepaid it is given to you when you make your first deposit. Alternatively some bonuses require you to place some bets before you receive the bonus offer.

Michael, 23 July 2008

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