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his is the first article in the series of reviews of the different poker networks out there. I gave an overview of all the different poker networks on the Internet in my previous article.

Everest Poker Stat Box:
License: Kahnawake
Rakeback Available: No
Americans Accepted: No
Traffic Rank: #6 on Poker Scout
Financial Information:
Everest Poker is owned by Ultra Internet Media, S.A. This company also runs a number of online casino brands. The mother company of Everest Poker, GigaMedia Ltd, is listed on NASDAQ. The site has managed to become the 6th largest poker network based on traffic.

Network Statistics:
Updated: 1. June 2008 7 PM CET

Total amount of Players
NL Poker Players
Limit Poker
Micro Stakes
Low Stakes
Medium Stakes
High Stakes

Number of players are defined as number of cash table Limit and No limit seats occupied at a given time.
Micro Stakes: Lowest of the lowest Up to 0.05/0.1
Low Stakes: 0.1/0.2 to 0.5/1
Medium Stakes: 1/2 to 4/8
High Stakes: 5/10 and Up

Special Features at Everest Poker:
Free SNG (Sit and Go)
Everest Poker has the unique possibility that players can play free SNG. Games available are:

Buy-In Game Type
SNG Name Seats Starting Chips Stating Blinds Level Change Rake % Prize Distribution
Limit Holdem
10 minutes
$0 Limit Omaha
5-10 10 minutes 0% $0.05/$0.03/$0.02

How to sign up:
You will immediately notice that a lot of players -up to 100- sign up for the free SNG’s. But tables are filled up very quickly, so within 5-10 minutes you should have 2-4 tables open and playing.

The prize pool is very low: $0.05 for a win, 2nd place $0.03 and 3rd $0.02. But the minimum buy in for the lowest cash table at Everest Poker is $0.2. So you only have to win four SNG before you can play cash poker with your free bankroll money.

Tips for playing free SNG’s at Everest Poker:
Play tight and DON’T ever slow play on these table. The competitors will call anything and go all the way to the river. I played 3 SNG´s while writing this article. Ended up with one 1st place, one 2nd place and a 3rd place finish, and a whooping profit of $0.1.
If you are only after the money, start a number of tables (Maximum is 8). Set your status to “sitting out”. This means the you will auto fold your hand. The level change is every 10 minutes, so sitting out the first 30 minutes is no problem. After this time the field should be reduced and you will have a better chance of getting “in the money”.

So in conclusion these SNG are excellent if you want a quick free SNG to practice your poker skills but also if you want to build a bankroll and have no money to invest.

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Interested? Visit Everest Poker and claim you $100 sign up bonus.

Written by Michael, June 6th 2008

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