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As you might know, I won the first PokerBRB freeroll yesterday at Poker Nordica. “Alas, I did not enter” might be your immediate response. Don’t worry, we have 3 more freerolls planned for the following 3 weekends so there are still plenty of chances to beat the PokerBRB champ.

What you might not already know is that I threw away my 35$ winnings in less than half an hour on a Short Stack Limit Rush. For those of you who don’t know what a limit rush is, here’s an explanation:

A limit rush is where you take some predefined amount say 10$ and buyin at the largest table possible. If you double, you leave the table and buyin at the next level. You keep doing this until you go broke (which is almost always the case when limit rushing) or you cash out with a considerable amount of money. It’s basically the get rich fast scheme.

Anyway, after my failed limit rush I reflected on what I had done. Usually most of these limit rush attempts end in going broke, but at least it’s fun and if you are lucky you get to play on limits you have never tried before. Yesterday was however different. My mindset was not focused on getting rich fast but instead on going broke fast. So I played terrible poker and sure enough went broke, and my limit rush attempt wasn’t even fun. I’m not quite sure yet why my mindset was so messed up but I think I have learned a lesson.

Whenever I win small amounts by playing freerolls on other sites than Everest Poker – where my bankroll is situated – I will spend these winnings on buyins to tournaments. I have never entered a tournament with the intention of losing it as fast as possible. If I want to attempt a limit rush again, I will do it with my bankroll money because I respect it more.

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