Poker Bankroll Blog’s Fulltilt SNG and MTT tournament bankroll building project

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pile-of-moneyTo celebrate our new collaboration on the Poker Bankroll Blog and PokerBRB sites, McTap03 and I have started our own bankroll building SNG and MTT (multi table tournament) project on Full Tilt Poker. Our starting bankroll is 150$ and we will be posting regular updates on our many wins and hopefully fewer losses.  It goes without saying that we expect our bankroll to increase significantly in no time.


 Here are our rules for bankroll management and sharing of winnings

  • We will start playing SNG’s and MTT’s with 5$ buy-ins or less. If we play re-buy tournaments, we are allowed to re-buy up to a total buyin of 5$.
  • Each time we double our bankroll we will add another buy-in level
  • All levels must be played for 1 week before moving up. This avoids any *rush* playing (where you only move up because you are on a winning rush), and allows some time to get use to the current level. Weeks start Monday morning.
  • All SNG winnings will go to boost our bankroll.
  • MTT winnings will be shared according to the scheme below with the winning player getting the bigger amount:

– MTT winnings below 100$ will go to boost our bankroll

– MTT winnings between 100$ and $500 will be split 45/45 and 10% to the bankroll. 

– MTT winnings between $501 and $1000 will be split 55/35 and 10% to the bankroll.

– MTT winnings between $1001 and $2500 will be split 60/30 and 10% to the bankroll.

– MTT winnings between $2501 and $5000 will be split 70/20  and 10% to the bankroll.

– Anything higher than that will be split 80/10 and 10% to the bankroll.

Winnings can be withdrawn when agreed upon by both of us.

Our screen name is ‘pokerBRBblog’ and our motto will be “Embrace the risk” which hopefully will make Mitchell Cogert proud of us:-)

Wish us luck!

Mark and McTap03

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9 Comments to Poker Bankroll Blog’s Fulltilt SNG and MTT tournament bankroll building project

February 9, 2009

I’m very excited about this and look forward to reliving my wins (and loses) here.

February 9, 2009

I second that:-)

Mark’s last blog post..Step SNG

Poker Sit and go bonus
February 10, 2009

Sounds like a good idea!

How come you choose Full Tilt?

Good luck guys..

February 17, 2009

Can i add up my poker bankroll from each site to play on to make my total bankroll?For example, if i play at Pokerstars, FullTilt and Carbon Poker and I have $300 in each, when I decide to sit down at a NL ring game on pokerstars should i consider my bankroll as $300 when deciding the limit to play at or should i consider my bankroll as $900

February 18, 2009

I think it is entirely up to you. If you consider your rolls at the three sites to be 3 separate bankrolls, then treat them individually.
If you don’t mind losing your roll at one site and have an E-Wallet account so you can quickly move funds between site, then treat your 3 rolls as one collective bankroll.

Mark’s last blog post..Embracing the risk in the game

February 18, 2009

We chose Full Tilt for personal reasons:-)

Mark’s last blog post..The art of poker deception

April 12, 2009

sorry i knocked u out….

April 12, 2009

Hi Biggums

Lol…no problem. I was my own fault as I should have folded. It was pretty obvious you had a monster hand:-)


Mark’s last blog post..Multi-Table or Move Up?

April 12, 2009

But thanks for visiting my blog….hope you like it

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