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In the series of articles describing necessary skills required for good Bankroll Management at the personal skill – motivation – will be the next skill I will go into depth with. For you to know what I refer to when I say motivation a definition of motivation is necessary:

…..inner state of desire or need. That desire or need creates a movement or activity towards satisfying that desire…

So actually it is based on an internal drive or need that is already there – not just a future mental projection on what would be cool to reach.

Why is motivation important in Bankroll Management?

When starting on serious bankroll management the motivation and energy is often high. With the desire of improving yourself and reaching your goals such as being good at poker or building a big poker bankroll. But how often have each one of us not started a project where we in the beginning are really dedicated to the project, but then after some time it’s like the project just fades away and we kind of forget about the whole desire and motivation for the project.

So the question really is – How is a high level of motivation reached in the beginning and more importantly how is the level maintained?

How to keep the motivation high?

The first step is getting a high level of motivation from the start of the bankroll management. This is achieved by setting a goal which is visionary enough so that you would feel absolute fantastic if you reach that goal. Your goals must result in a drive and inspiration that can maintain motivation throughout the course of the project. Persistent motivation is based in great visions, where you are not intimidated by the size of your goal.

The second important step is the ability to keep the high level of motivation throughout the course of the project. Actually the way to achieve this is very much based on step one. When you set a goal that is too small and timid you will suffer a lack in motivation for bankroll management. At the same time the goal must be based in your true desires and not just a mental attraction to some state in the future – or else pursuing the goal just won’t feel right. If you find the right goal and it is something that you deep down really really desire you will always have that to fall back on and it will instantly increase you level of motivation.

Setting visionary goals actually requires a lot of courage and some fears may have to be confronted. Many people set low goals due to self doubt or the fear of getting disappointed. Actually it is needed to overcome these mental blocks for these people to be able to set a visionary goal that will keep motivation and energy at the highest level. These people have to realise that self doubt or the fear of getting disappointed is really not doing them any good and they have to put these blocks aside and open up for new things instead that really will do them good.

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