Poker bankroll building with poker cash games

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I never play cash games because frankly I suck at them and probably more importantly haven’t had the motivation to play them. As a result my blog has almost no articles on poker bankroll building with poker cash games or cash game strategy. This is a shame.

Now however things have changed and I have a new-found motivation to start a poker bankroll building project where I will only be playing cash games.

My motivation comes from the fact that I unfortunately have to start paying my own money to keep my poker tournament league running on My goal is to finance my league by increasing my current poker bankroll on Power Poker.

I haven’t set out any rules yet for my new poker bankroll building project but I’m sure they will appear along the way when my bankroll grows (currently I am severely under rolled, so it doesn’t really make sense with too many rules)

Yesterday I played for an hour on 0,10/0,20 shorthanded and full ring tables on Power Poker and increased my bankroll from 30$ to 80$.

As well as paying for my league, I also expect to be able to write some articles about cash game strategy once I get a better feel for the games.

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8 Comments to Poker bankroll building with poker cash games

April 26, 2010

In cash games, your money is on the table. You don’t buy chips that represent a part of a prize pool. If you bet $100 in chips, it’s just as if you would have put a 100 dollar bill into the pot; and if you run out of chips, you can always rebuy.
.-= BULLDOG POKER´s last blog ..The Larks and the Owls =-.

April 28, 2010

Good luck, Mark. Look forward to your updates and articles!
.-= JamesDaBear´s last blog ..JamesDaBear: @BJNemeth read this… =-.

April 28, 2010

Thanks James!

April 28, 2010

Played 1 hour tonight on 0.10/0.20 and increased my bankroll from 80$ to 107$.
.-= Mark´s last blog ..The poker mathematics =-.

May 3, 2010

FFS…got impatient on the 0.10/0.20 tables and took a shot at 0.25/0.50. Lost my entire 83$ bankroll in less than 1 hour.
Lost with AA vs K3…he caught a third K on the flop
Lost with K7 vs J2 who had hit a full house and played me perfectly
Lost with AK vs JJ no help on the board
.-= Mark´s last blog ..Adjusting Your Expectations in Poker =-.

May 13, 2010

Well about a week ago I deposited 50$ and took another shot at the 0.25/0.50 tables. Tonight I lost what had become a 67$ roll.
Again I did not follow my rules and stop when I was 1 buyin down.
This makes me a bit nervous and I need some time to think things through before starting again.

May 21, 2010

Well there goes my roll again. Deposited 50$ and turned it into 60$.
Tonight I lost with AK vs 66 on a 6K3 flop
I lost with 22 vs 77 on a 742 flop
I lost with 55 vs AQ on a 5AK flop (turn J, river 10)

I’m not going to play poker again for a month
.-= Mark´s last blog ..Beating the rake in cash games =-.

November 29, 2011

Bankroll management! Bankroll management! Bankroll management! It is THE most important factor in poker!
You can only play 0.02 if you have a bankroll less than 100USD! If you play 0.50 stakes with a 50 USD bankroll then you WILL go broke! Just the matter of when.
I am building my bankroll playing 0.02-0.05 6 max cash games. I started out with 15USD and now I have 133USD! Once I get up to 200USD then I will start playing 0.05-0.10(5%) – I only play with 5 % of my bankroll at any given time to avoid going broke. Poker has a lot of variance which causes losing streaks from time to time. So this is why bankroll management is so important :)
Keep in mind poker is a long term game! If you are only in it for the short term, then poker is not for you!
Poker is about making right decisions, making money is only a benefit of doing exactly that!

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