Mark’s personal Bankroll building project.

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When I first started playing poker about 4 years ago I was really motivated in my pursuit of building a poker bankroll. I actually succeeded in building a decent bankroll and then decided to spend it all on a great trip to Thailand with 3 of my best friends. You can see some pictures from the trip here:


Since then I haven’t played poker with goal of building a bankroll. I’ve just played because it’s fun. Now however I am motivated to attempt to build a bankroll again from scratch. Well not exactly scratch. A few months ago I deposited 20€ into my Celeb Poker account to start a SNG project where I wanted to see how easy or difficult it was to beat the 3€ Speed SNG’s. After playing 50 SNG’s I ended the project with a net profit of 30€ and decided to start playing cash games instead.

My bankroll is currently a whopping 30€ and I play 0,05/0,10 full ring (10 seats) no limit tables which is the lowest limit available at Celeb poker. My goal is to reach 100€ and then start combining cash games with low limit tournaments. Since I started my project I have played a total of 21 hours of cash game sessions and my net profit so far is -2,1$ (I had a rocky start and was down about 20$ after my first 4 hours of playing)

For your information tournaments are my online poker niche and for this reason I also have a Party Poker account where I play larger tournaments roughly once a week. My Party Poker account is purely recreational and therefore not included in my bankroll building project.

I will give a detailed weekly update on my bankroll building process on the poker bankroll blog. I will also keep you up to date on my Party Poker tournament progress. If you want to follow my online poker battles on a day to day basis, check out my thread on the PokerBRB forum:
Bankroll Building project

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2 Comments to Mark’s personal Bankroll building project.

Susan Kishner
May 29, 2008

Nice writing style. I will come back to read more posts from you.

Susan Kishner

May 29, 2008

Hi Susan
Thanks for your kind comment. May I ask where you found our blog?



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