Mark’s personal bankroll building project; update 3

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I have been really busy this week, working as a research project manager during the day and on the PokerBRB Community in the evenings. I think we have managed to integrate the 4 branches of our community nicely; I am really looking forward to see if our changes bear fruit and increase traffic to our sites.

The downside to my busy week has manifested itself in my Bankroll Building Project; I have only managed to play 6 session hours since my last update. On top of this I haven’t won a single session since I started at Everest poker.

Here’s the cold hard facts:

Session hours played: 41,15

+/-: +23$

Bankroll: 70$

I have started a new Bankroll building thread on the PokerBRB forum, and hope my bitching and whining in this thread will bring me back on track.

The first post in my new thread says it all:

My personal bankroll building project

June 21st

This is a cry out to the poker gods!
If you exist, stop screwing me!!

Finally I had time to play poker again, and just finished playing 6 session hours:
I got AA 3 times, everyone folded
I got KK once, everyone folded
I got AK 6 times, people called my preflop raise and I hit nothing on the flops.
I got a set twice, everyone folded
I got curious once and it cost me 5$
I lost to a runner runner straight once

Final result: down 8$ for 6 session hours

Since I started playing at Everest poker I have lost almost 2 buyins.

Here’s an up to date update:

Session hours played: 41,15
+/1: 23$
Bankroll: 70$

This will be my new whining and bitching thread for my bankroll building project. If possible I will whine more than I did in my last thread, and I will keep whining until I reach my 200$ bankroll goal.

So as you can see I am keeping a positive attitude, and tomorrow I will crush all opposition on the 0,05/0,10c tables.
See ya, Mark


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