Poker short stack strategy and poker bankroll building

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I need to start bitching again soon since things are really not going my way these days (bitching opens a direct channel to the Gods of Poker; after bitching some begging needs to be done). Since my rocket start to my new short stack strategy, my bankroll has steadily decreased.
I have made mistakes for sure, but in 99% of the hands I have played I have stuck to my short stack strategy.
Perhaps it doesn’t work. I am however more inclined to blame simple variance.
I have been dealt slightly below average hands, when I have had good hands my opponents hands have been better, and when I have raised with good hands my opponents haven’t called so often.
In addition I am of course playing too high limits which is most likely the biggest mistake I am making.
I still have faith in my short stack strategy, but if I go broke this project will be a good lesson for others and a real life example of bad bankroll management.
Having said that I have actually grown quite fond of my bankroll, so I will be sad if it disappears. It has been with me since the 10th of April where I deposited 30$ into a Celeb Poker account to start a SNG bankroll building project.
My poker bankroll  is now 65,78$ after my latest 2 session hours played on 4 tables. The graph below shows my accumulated profit as a function of the session hours I have played.
In my last session I won one buyin with a full house on the turn against a flopped flush. I lost one buyin with AK against QQ. I raised three times in a row on a table with JJ, JJ and AK and everyone folded.
Good luck out there!

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