Bankroll Building Skills – Persistence

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The skill – persistence – will be the next one to describe in the series of Bankroll Management skills . First a short definition of persistence:

… ability to maintain action towards the goal of a project regardless of your current feelings toward the project. The ability to press on even if you fell like quitting…

When done by the book, building a bankroll through bankroll management is a slow process. In addition it may seem boring at times, since you will always be accustomed to the size of the pot and consequently will experience relatively few great adrenalin rushes (except for the times where your bankroll allows you to move up in limits). You can also make room for adrenalin boosts by allocating a part of your bankroll to big tournaments or single buyins at high limits, but really Bankroll management is all about a steadily increasing income over time with reduced risk of big losses and you have to come to terms with this.

Why is it important?

Persistence is the key to stay within your predetermined boundaries for Bankroll Management over time. When working on a goal, your motivation will go up and down like waves hitting the shore. Sometimes you will feel motivated – sometimes you will feel very bored, but in the short run its not your motivation that will produce result – it’s your action within the predetermined boundaries.

Persistence is vital even for players with great poker talents. Persistence is often the main difference between unsuccessful players with talent and the successful players. I think that a person with a strong determination and persistence will have all possibilities at his hand if he maintains focus on his goal ahead.

How is persistence developed?

The most important thing in my experience is that my goal continues being a big inspiration to me. Persistence is not stubbornness – so if you don’t feel a great desire for the goal you probably will not succeed.

When you aim too low you will most likely at some point experience a lack of motivation for Bankroll Management. Your goals must result in a drive and inspiration that can maintain motivation throughout the course of the project. Persistent motivation is based in great visions, where you are not intimidated by the size of your goal.

So before starting a bankroll management project it is important to explicit write down your visions or goals. And during the periods with low motivation in your bankroll building process you can use these written words to boost your energy and desire to stay on track in your poker bankroll building project.

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July 6, 2008

Great article. Thanks for sharing this!

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