Introduction to Poker Bankroll Skills

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This article is a part of the Poker Bankroll Management series.


Development into a good poker player can be viewed from many different angels and levels. On we focus on an overall development of poker bankroll skills – where poker bankroll skills is separated in to two categories: 1) Skills that relate to the game 2) Management of the bankroll.

A lot has been written and said about skills required for mastering the game of poker. Literature and tools can give you new insights to the game and the information you collect while you play will aid you in reading your opponents and calculating pot odds probabilities. Poker is a game where you can always gain more depth in your understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Below are listed some of the essential skills related to the game:

  • Math skills
  • Patience
  • Analytical skills

In order to profit from poker in the long run it is necessary to practice solid Bankroll Management. Bankroll management can be a challenging but rewarding exercise if mastered. It is a known fact that even the greatest poker players experience prolonged periods with losses – so it will most likely also happen to you. Bankroll Management will keep you from going broke during these periods, but in order to succeed you will need certain personal skills that are rarely fully developed in the individual poker player. Some of the personal skills required for mastering bankroll management:

  • Discipline
  • Long term focus
  • Non-greediness
  • Acceptance

It is our aim to identify the most essential skills for becoming a good poker player and further analyze how these skills are developed.


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