Rush Poker – will Full Tilt Poker’s new poker concept revolutionize online poker

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Full Tilt Poker have invented an ingenious new poker concept fittingly named Rush Poker. The general idea of Rush Poker is to play as many hands as possible by minimizing the time you have to wait between hands. Rush Poker is extremely fast, enabling players to play in excess of 300 hands per hour on a single table.

Here’s how Full Tilt Poker’s Rush Poker works:

When you join a Rush Poker game you are placed in a pool of other Rush Poker players at your chosen limit and poker variant. These players are then distributed randomly on poker tables. The main difference between Rush Poker and regular poker appears once you fold your hand. In regular poker you have to wait until all the action has finished before a new hand starts – this is not the case in Full Tilt Poker’s Rush Poker. In Rush Poker, once you fold a hand you are immediately moved to a new table and a new hand is dealt to you. This is what enables you to play a massive amount of hands per hour. On the down side, you will have no time whatsoever to make reads on your opponents. Rush Poker is multi-tabling taken to the extreme.

I for one am looking forward to seeing what new poker strategies spawn from Full Tilt Poker’s Rush Poker concept. We might even see Rush Poker tournaments in the near future.

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5 Comments to Rush Poker – will Full Tilt Poker’s new poker concept revolutionize online poker

January 23, 2010

Sounds very interesting!

What are the table sizes?
What about blinds?

You should think that a tight poker strategy would work well here.

January 23, 2010

Hi Michael

I think they have a wide variety of limits available. Regarding the blinds, since you are moved randomly around from table to table you should end up paying the same amount of blinds.
I also think a tight strategy would work well here.
.-= Mark´s last blog ..Rush Poker – will Full Tilt Poker’s new poker concept revolutionize online poker =-.

January 23, 2010

Currently they have $0.05/0.10 up to $1/2. They have 6-max and full ring for all limits. They also have Omaha (high), but only $0.10/0.25 for now… it looks like they are looking to extend it further in terms of limits and game types.

Tight strategy works very well on these tables… lots of raising and re-rasing with average hands going on. I’d keep a tighter BR management system if you look to play this, i’ve experianced much bigger swings than I would usually expect (due to volume of hands and the ‘interesting’ style of players out there.

January 23, 2010

Hi Tom

Thanks for your input. Have you played Rush Poker for long?


.-= Mark´s last blog ..Another Full Tilt Poker 50$ freeroll on Poker Bankroll Blog =-.

Alex Tagus
June 8, 2010

I first heard about Rush poker about 4 months ago and I haven’t tried it myself.

I think there are other rooms beside Full tilt with this concept, but Fill tilt has become an authority for this kind of games.

I will give it a try.


Alex Tagus.

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