Full-body workout program

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Mark | Poker and Life

You might think that this article has nothing to do with poker bankroll building, but in fact I believe that you will become a better poker player if you are in good physical shape. In my opinion mental and physical health go together hand in hand.

In my case, one of my main spare time interests is working out in the gym, so writing an article about my new full body workout program comes natural to me. I have been working out regularly for the last 4 years and the last 6 months I have worked out using more or less the same program 4 times a week. Last week I came back from holiday as decided to change my workout routine for two reasons:

Most experts recommend that you change your workout routine once every two months or so to get the best results. It all has to do with stressing your muscles to induce growth. I guess you could say that my workout routine the last 6 months has been too much routine. I therefore wanted to start changing my workout program on a regular basis; something like once every two months.

Another reason for changing my workout program was that my old program was split into working out two major muscle groups pr. workout. In reality this meant that I was exercising individual muscle groups only once a week, which does not give optimal results.

I concluded that what I needed was a full body workout program that I should follow twice a week. To avoid too long workout sessions I also decided to work out my abdomen separately once a week. A full body workout program should be comprised of exercises that activate several muscle groups simultaneously, so I searched the Internet and narrowed my exercise list down to 13. In addition the sequence by which you perform the exercises is of importance. I like to start with the important heavy exercises that require a lot of power and activate the most muscle mass. By doing this you ensure that you are performing at your maximum level during the most important exercises.

So here it is, my full body workout program in a sequential list:

  1. Dead Lift; upper, middle and lower back, legs and lower arms
  2. Bench Press; chest and shoulders
  3. Leg Press;glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves
  4. Chin Ups; upper and middle back, biceps
  5. Military Presses; shoulders, triceps and upper chest
  6. Pull Overs; chest and upper body in general
  7. Pull Ups; upper and middle back, shoulders
  8. Bent over barbell rows; back in general
  9. Face pulls; upper back, and the back of the shoulders
  10. Barbell Curls; biceps
  11. Dips; triceps and chest
  12. French Press; triceps
  13. Calve Raises; calves

For the next two months I will be following this full body workout program with many repetitions in each exercise; more specifically I will be doing 15-12-10 repetition sets. The weights will be chosen so that the last two repetitions in each set are difficult.

After two months I will change to 10-8-6 repetitions with increased weights.

Finally to loose body fat I will do cardiovascular training twice a week and also attempt to eat less at lunch time (we have a free lunch buffet at work every day….need I say more)

My goal is as usual to get ripped!

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