Gus Hansen and Daniel Cates high stake poker action 2011

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High stake poker action during the third week of March

Gus Hansen’s losing days are now a distant memory both for him and for the railbirds who follow his every move at Full Tilt Poker. Lately, it seems that whenever he logs in, he walks away from the table with a huge chunk of his opponent’s money. That trend continued over the last few days, as Hansen locked horns with Daniel Cates repeatedly and generated profits in excess of $750k. With all that, Cates didn’t do too bad himself: he ended up with the largest pot of the week, which he took down against Phil Ivey. Hansen took several 6-figure pots from Cates. One of them, a $162k monster, saw the customary preflop action, after which the As,10c,5s hit the flop. Hansen fired out a pot-sized bet, which was called by Cates. The 5c fell on the turn, prompting Hansen to fire out yet another pot-sized bet. Cates called again to see the 9s on the river. Hansen went for yet another pot-sized bet and Cates called that too before mucking his hand.

A little bit later on, Hansen scored another monster pot, this time a $128k one, in rather similar fashion. Despite the monster pots which flew left and right during the Hansen/Cates confrontation, the largest pot of the week came about in a match between Cates and Ivey, and it ended up in Cates’ pockets. After a little bit of give and take, the two players saw a flop of 9s,9d,8d. Ivey fired out a probe-bet, which got raised by Cates. In response, Ivey shoved all-in and Cates made the call. Cates had As,8s for a two pair and A kicker, Ivey had pocket Qs for the better two pair. The turn and the river were only run once, and the 8 which fell on the turn, sealed the deal in Cates’ favor.

The week’s biggest winner was Gus Hansen, who scored a profit of about $740k over the last few days. Also11 ($215k), noluck17 ($183k), IReadYRSoul ($168k), also made the winners’ list. The biggest loser was Scott Palmer. NoPasaran and fishosaurusREX also dropped significant amounts of money.

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