Inside the Mind of a Poker Player

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Jeffrey | Poker Strategy

Should you call or fold? The mark of a pro poker player is in how easily you can make the right call when playing a hand against some skilled players. Together with one of the best online casino UK, we’ve put together a short animation to help you understand what separates the amateur players the pros. The most obvious thing is that you don’t just play your hand, you play the people opposite you. While an amateur would look at their hand and bet just on what they had, a pro would consider what the other players have and make deductions based on how they’d been playing so far. Does someone start raising a lot whenever they have high cards, regardless of the flop? Did their tell turn up when that last king came out? This kind of observation is how a pro-player can know to fold on a good hand because their opponent has a better one. But that’s only half the battle, the other half is in not letting your fellow players know what you have. Having an iron grip on your emotions and keeping your facial expression as blank as possible (which is why so many pros wear sunglasses) makes it a lot harder for an opponent to tell what’s going on in your head. The real trick is being able to still read an opponent when they’re doing their best to hide their tells. The animation below goes into greater detail of what kind of traits you can expect to see in a pro-player.

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